[CC cooks]: 媽咪, 生日快樂!!

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Ok, so not only is this a belated post about Mum’s birthday, but the actual dinner celebration we organised was also belated…but there’s a good reason! Hehe.
Mum’s birthday always falls on the week/weekend where she heads over to Melbourne for work. It’s actually been quite a few years since she’s celebrated her birthday with us on her actual day. But not to worry, for we do not forget and instead, plan a nice little dinner party for her when she returns.
We usually treat our parents to dinner for their birthday, but I thought since Mum and Dad were eating out all the time in Melbourne after work, why not have some nice home-cooked meal? So what we did was cook one dish each, plus some fruits + the cake. I like this kind of idea because (a) it’s homecooked, and (b) it shows our thought + effort, especially my siblings who rarely enter the kitchen unless it’s to make instant noodles or fry an egg.
This was our menu for the night…

Seafood tofu soup
Deep-fried Cajun-spiced tofu
Roasted sweet potato & potato chips
Garlic prawns
Mixed mushrooms braised yee mien
Spinach in superior broth
Mixed fruits platter
Strawberry shortcake
Seafood tofu soup

We almost always have a soup during dinner, and we wanted to make something simple but also that Mum would like. She loves seafood so we decided on the seafood tofu soup. My younger brother GC had no idea what he should cook so he took charge of the soup with my guidance. I got him to cut EVERYTHING! Including the squid and prawns which he normally would never touch – he actually wore gloves still. Hehe. The soup was yum and everyone enjoyed it! Success! 
Tofu cubes, sweet potato + potato chips (background)
My sister SC made the deep-fried tofu cubes, and the potato/sweet potato chips. They were pretty yum.
My older brother JC and his gf VH made the garlic prawns and calamari – they were a bit too salty and oily, but still quite nice. Supposedly JC searched high and low online for recipes and combined numerous ones together…haha. I didn’t get a nice photo of this, but you can see it in the background in the photo for the soup.  
yee mien
Birthday must have noodles! Although it’s not the official day, we decided to still have a noodles dish so I made a mixed mushrooms braised yee mien with some of Mum’s favourite mushrooms. 

We also need some veg to balance out the dinner so I made a simple spinach in superior broth with salted and century eggs.
All the food was finished up! Except for the soup, but that’s because we made a massive pot. Haha.
Now onto the last course – fruits and dessert. I quickly cut up some oranges and washed some cherries and strawberries to make a simple fruit platter. 
Then…it was time for Mum to cut her specially-ordered cake! Hehe. When I made JC’s choc mousse cake for his birthday in May, Mum had actually pre-ordered her birthday cake once I told her I want to try make the birthday cakes this year. I knew for sure she would want a Strawberry-based cake since they’re her favourite. So I decided to make a strawberry shortcake.
Here it is! Hehe. It was really nice! Everyone enjoyed it which is good. I made it double layer because I didn’t want too much cream since Mum doesn’t like a lot of cream. She loved the cake =)
As is evident, this was by no means an extravagant dinner with crabs, lobster and fish, but it was delicious and more than one way. Mum enjoyed the food, and I can tell she was happy that us kids got together to organise this for her =)
Happy Birthday, Mum! I hope you enjoyed your belated birthday celebration! Love you lots!

6 thoughts on “[CC cooks]: 媽咪, 生日快樂!!

  1. Thanks for your comment, Cheah!! I'm just happy that Mum enjoyed herself…and the cake! Since she had to wait so long for the birthday celebration =P hehe.


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