[CC bakes]: muffin break

It’s Friday, everyone! Gosh, that just reminded me of that annoying Rebecca Black ‘Friday’ song =.=’ It better not stay in my head the entire day! haha. 
Anyway, I’m sure a lot of you get this feeling too but sometimes I just have this massive urge to bake..and bake and bake! haha. I churned these out one morning before work – fresh chocolate chip muffins! They were yummy! Muffins are just so quick and easy, it’s the perfect way to use up leftover ingredients…which is why I made them. hehehe. We had some blocks of passionfruit Lindt chocolate left but they were much too sweet for us to eat like that so, into the muffins they went! 

I have to say though, the chocolate was very good in the muffins. While it’s way too sweet to eat by itself, it was just right in the muffins. Plus, the passionfruit fragrance permeated the muffin (and the entire house while baking) which lent an interesting flavour too. I added the walnuts for some different texture (plus, I had to use those up too! haha).

Would you like one?
Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a great weekend, everyone!!

4 thoughts on “[CC bakes]: muffin break

  1. Yes, please pass me one of these muffins as today is the last day for me to have dessert! Going to go on diet from next week! Why! All my summer pants are tight! This can not be happen, hahaha! Seriously, I have put on few kilos with notice, must go for a dessert-free diet for a while! Wish me luck!


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