[WalkSG 2012]: Cycling attempt at East Coast Park

East Coast Park Beach
Hi everyone! So since I was gorging on so much food in SG, I simply cannot just sit there and let the fats accumulate, right? haha. I really wanted to take advantage of the warm weather in SG (since it was still winter in Perth), and have a nice leisurely cycle along East Coast Park. 
JS and I decided to have a relaxing lazy day – after lunch, we just rested at home and then off to East Coast Park! We walked there, and it took us about 15-20mins I think? We were actually quite tired, and it felt like we were walking for aaaaaaaages! But it was all good once we got there =) hehe…

Bicycle hire store

We reached the hire store! They have all sorts of different bicycles, as well as those ‘ice-cream carts’ (on the edge of the photo above). They’ve also got those double-bicycles where 2 people can cycle together. I was actually taken aback by the choice – the guy asked me which one I’d like and I was like “err…what’s the difference?” haha. They are different prices to hire, but they look the same anyway.

So there I was, super-excited about cycling all around East Coast Park…except…

…you need your IC to hire a bike. JS didn’t realise that and didn’t have his on him. We didn’t bother bringing his wallet and just took some money out. But for those who get stuck in this sticky situation, worry not because you can still hire a bike…but only if you place a $100 deposit, which will be refunded upon return of the bike. Alas, we only brought $60 out since we planned to have dinner at East Coast Lagoon.

Cue our exit from the shop, bicycle-less. This is one situation I would call EPIC FAIL! haha. Oh well, we decided to just walk around, up and down the beach, randomly playing on those public exercise things like pull-up bars, etc.

Writing on the sand…yet again.

It was a nice balmy evening and perfect for a stroll along the beach with JS. Well, I was like a hyperactive child running up and down at some point, but I settled down!! haha. While the beach is nowhere near as beautiful as the ones in Perth, I still thoroughly enjoyed this time spent with JS.

We found some interesting things along the sand – sea coconut, a really green algae-covered rock, a shoe…?  We decided to sit down on the sand for a little while, and listened to some songs on his phone. Before we knew it, the sun was setting and it was a beautiful golden glow. It’s been so long since I watched the sunset, especially with JS!


Then it was off to East Coast Lagoon for dinner! And that marked the end of my attempt to cycle at East Coast Park..hehe. Didn’t go as planned, but still a great time nonetheless =D 
That marks the end of my SG posts from my SG-HK holiday in July! Hope you’ve all enjoyed reading about my adventures. Stay tuned for HK! =) 
Thanks for reading! ^^ Enjoy the rest of the week! 

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