[EatSG 2012]: My favourite kind of food – Part 2

Durians, durians, durians…craving them so much! 

Hello hello hello! Hope everyone’s been having a great week! Let’s see what else I ate in SG, shall we?

So remember I made a list of foods-to-eat before I left? Well, durians was pretty much at the top of the list because that’s one of the first things I thought of that I MUST have. And have it, I did…so much too! Gosh, it was just bliss. I loved the creamy flesh and the bittersweet aftertastes. Ok I need to stop talking about it because I’m craving them so much =( Durian is definitely a love it or hate it thing…some of my SG friends were surprised I like it so much because some of them can’t stand it =P hehe. Furthermore, my younger brother GC was disgusted by just looking at a photo. haha.

A la carte buffet – Seafood International

JS’ Aunty M wanted to take us out for lunch or dinner. We decided on lunch and she took us to this a la carte buffet at Seafood International at East Coast Park. There were 40 dishes (I think?) that you could choose from, and a few items that you can only order 1 per person or something. The food was ok..definitely not the best but it was a nice lunch and chat with Aunty M =)

There was also a little fruits/dessert section with melon, papaya, watermelon, assorted kuih and agar agar jelly, and sea coconut soup which was very refreshing.

Pepper Lunch! Let it sizzle, mix, eat, finished (buuuurp!)
I love Pepper Lunch! I just love rice mixed with lots of stuff…like bibimbap, fried rice, etc. It’s just so tasty. We got the beef rice, which is JS’ favourite. I was actually quite full from eating $1 icecream with bread (they’re the best!) and snacking so we just got one to share. So glad he added an egg – I love egg! haha. Look how clean our plate is =P hehe. 
I’m so happy that Perth now has a Pepper Lunch branch in the city! In fact, I’m going there tonight with my family. It’s their first time ever so I’m introducing it to them =P hehe. 
Pepper lunch! 
Here comes pepper lunch again! This was at the Takashimaya food basement and JS decided to try the beef steak this time. He still prefers the normal beef one though. I got a bowl of yong tau foo because I wanted something soupy. Love the sweet sauce and chilli for that! Pretty much drowned my YTF in those =P hehe. 

Nonya Kuih
KUIH!!! My favourite! hehe. I love all sorts of kuih and seeing this was like paradise before my eyes! haha. I literally wanted to buy everything…but no! I ended up getting some ondeh ondeh which I opened on the spot (hehe.), a mixed box with 9-layer lapis, kuih serimuka, kuih bibingka and something else I can’t remember. The store is also a Perenakan restaurant (really want to try one day!), and they also sell kaya, ikan bilis and peanuts, sambal, kuih bangkit (which are very nice and fragrant!), pineapple tarts, love letters, bakchang, and much more. 
There’s also a second story with Peranakan goods like textiles, shoes, fans, kebaya. Everything is handmade and just beautiful! If I had more time, I probably would’ve ended up buy much more kuih and probably a kebaya because they just looked so beautiful. 
The store is called Kim Choo along Joo Chiat road. I like their kuih because it’s fragrant and not too sweet. The texture is nice and chewy and in my mind, it’s just plain yummy! hehe. 
Kim Choo Kueh Chang Pte Ltd
(clockwise, top-left): soybean icecream from Mr. Bean, cream puff from The Icing Room, Takashimaya food fest, expensive cute watermelons, kuih…? I can’t remember the name!
I read about the soybean icecream on a blog and as a lover of soybean, I was on a mission to have this! hehe. It was SO GOOD! There was a really intense soybean flavour, it was nice and thick and very smooth. They’re a bit stingy with the portion though…the centre of the swirl was hollow ><!'
For some reason, everytime I’ve been to SG for the past 3 years, I’ve always managed to bump into a food fest at the Takashimaya basement, not that I’m complaining because I love them! Is there just one on all the time? haha. I love grazing on all the small snacks and this time was no different – we got a phong piah, durian bread, the kuih in the bottom left of the above photo (if somebody knows the name, please let me know!), and many many tasters! haha. The durian bread was really good! I didn’t actually like the bread that much but the filling was pretty much pure durian flesh! so yummy! In the end I was eating the filling, and passing the bread to JS =P
JS asked his mum if she would buy him the pig watermelon…as a joke. Clearly, she said no and continued walking =P 
(clockwise, top left): mee siam, nasi lemak, YTF, Beach Rd prawn mee, roe-filled squid + mos burger milkshake + tutu kuih
JS and I went to Killiney one morning for breakfast. We were actually planning to go to Bedok Interchange that morning, except he completely forgot and walked in the opposite direction ><! But anyway, this mee siam and nasi lemak totally made up for the mistake! hehe. I ordered the nasi lemak but I pretty much stole JS' mee siam! haha. It was scrumptious. I love the tangy sweet gravy of the mee siam and I seriously couldn't stop eating it. That's not to say the nasi lemak wasn't nice though! It was really good, the sambal was very nice but it couldn't beat the mee siam =P I would've liked some cucumber in the nasi lemak though, but this is probably just one style of nasi lemak because I know there are quite a few variations…right?
I heard a lot of hype about the Beach Rd big prawn mee so I wanted to try it. It’s only so-so I think. While the prawns were nice and plump, the soup lacked flavour. I was expecting it to be very robust but it was nothing like what I anticipated – perhaps I had set my expectations too high? I added a lot of chilli to it and that made it better but yeah, nothing I would go back for. It’s more expensive than usual, and I’ve had better from small stores at the hawkers centres. 
The squid, milkshake and tutu kuih was like a mini lunch for us =P We were wandering around Isetan and we bought tickets for The Amazing Spiderman for around 12ish I think. But we started getting hungry and it was nearing the movietime so we bought these small snacks from Isetan food basement. The squid filled with roe was SO GOOD! It was jampacked with roe in a sweet soy-based sauce and the roe provided an interesting burst of crunchiness against the soft squid. 
Mos burger vanilla milkshake is JS’ favourite because it is very thick so I bought one for him to last us the movie too. He’s so cute with it…looks like a happy small boy =D The tutu kuih was super-yum! Again, it was on my list and my first time trying. Definitely won’t be the last =P I got 2 peanut and 2 coconut ones…they’re both really good so I’d most probably find it really hard to choose between the two! haha. What about you?
(clockwise, top-left): homecooked dinner, homemade curry laksa, assorted kuih, yakult!
We didn’t eat out ALL the time! We often had dinner at JS’ Aunty J’s house. This was our first dinner – curry fishhead, chicken, beef + broccoli, garlic-fried choy sum. The fish head curry was yum – not as spicy as I’d like but I love eating fish head so yeah, yum!
The curry laksa was our lunch after church the first week. It was SO GOOD! I couldn’t stop drinking the soup, even though the coconut was so jalat. haha. 
Yakult in Australia is such a rip-off so I never buy it. Not only are the bottles SMALLER, it is also MORE expensive!! The only time I can get yakult is in HK and SG, and the above photo is the first time I got yakult in SG from NTUC near JS’ house. They didn’t have the plain ones (I like plain the most) in a 5-pack so I got a mixed one…and drank it on the walk home. haha. Yes, that is my style of drinking yakult! Just stick the straw in and drink =P 
Sin Heng Claypot BKT, wet wipes + chilli, pig liver + kidney in claypot (bottom pic)
I’ve never actually had BKT in SG or Malaysia before so this time I made sure to try it. This is JS’ favourite BKT place so we went there one night. It was pretty nice but not as herbal, nor peppery as I like. The pork ribs were quite tender but could be more tender. JS agreed that it was a bit dud that night. The liver and kidney was so good though! Not tough and overcooked. I just wish they would give a bit less sauce though – makes it difficult to find the organs, and plus it’s very salty! We also ordered yam rice which I found mediocre. Not flavoursome enough, though JS’ family enjoys it a lot.
cute toothpick holder from gas company
I saw this toothpick holder at Sin Heng BKT and found it so cute, I couldn’t resist snapping pic! haha. Don’t you think they’re cute? And guess what? JS’ Dad actually got me 2 of them!!!! So one is in my room and one is in my office. Thanks, Uncle! I love them! hehe. 
(left-right, top-bottom): fried french beans w/hae bee + chay poh, foo yung dan, salted egg yolk crab, kung po frog legs, plain porridge
We went to G7 one night for frog legs and after trying their salted egg yolk crab, JS insisted that I try it one day too. The frog legs I love…but the crab? Hmm…I much prefer Luk Fook’s one. I have not yet had any salted egg yolk crab that can surpass their’s. G7’s one was too wet, and you couldn’t taste the egg yolk. Everything else was yummy! Frog legs were delicious as usual, and the porridge was thick and creamy…just the way I like it =) 

Spontaneous lunch at Sushi Express =)
On one the (many) days we were at Orchard Rd, JS and I decided to pop into Sushi Express for a late lunch. Not sure how, but we were hungry…again ><! Anyway, all plates are $1.50++ which is A LOT cheaper than Perth and you know what? Everything was still very fresh and yummy. We didn't have to wait and were seated in the best spot! Right where the sushi chef places new items on the belt! So we literally got freshly prepared sushi and sashimi! Pretty good seat, right? hehe.
Not surprisingly, most of our plates were of salmon sashimi. We ate about 13 plates in total (the photo above was taken before I spotted some mochi!). We didn’t want to eat *too* much since it was quite late, and dinner would be quite soon. The salmon was really good, and I love how it was sliced thickly too. We also ate some of their marinated whelk, scallop gunkan, roe, and so on. And the mochi at the end was really yum! It was one of those green tea cream-filled mochi =)

Nasi briyani with mutton curry + fried chicken, papaddum, achar; Teh halia (background)
Ok! Last food pic…hope you survived until now =P hehe. I absolutely LOVE nasi briyani. I love the spices in the basmati rice, and the curries. I ate this when JS and I went to Mustafa one night. We went back to the coffee shop we went to last time, and it still tastes just as good =) I don’t remember the name of it though. This was actually my second dinner!!! No wonder I put on weight! haha. Yeah, I really felt like eating this so we got one to share. Also must have teh halia which was really good. JS got a teh tarik which was also very nice, but a tad sweet for me and not very frothy at the top =(
Well, that ends the food posts from SG! Hope you all enjoyed reading about the wonderful food I had in SG…I sure enjoyed eating them! haha. 
It’s actually really torturous writing these posts up because I really really really feel like eating this food now! Definitely not looking forward to writing up my HK food posts now =S haha. 
Thanks for reading, everyone!! ^^ Enjoy the rest of the week!


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  1. Thanks for your comment, Nami! I was getting hungry WRITING the post! hehe. Pepper Lunch is a pretty fun way to have your food – it's kind of like DIY fried rice or teppanyaki style. I think your kids would enjoy the novelty if you're able to try it one day =)


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