[EatSG 2012]: date night!

Hi everyone! So sorry for my sporadic posting, and occasional absences! I’ve been pretty busy lately…I’ve had a lot to do at uni, and I’ve had so many things on my mind that I don’t realise how quick time has passed.

Hope you all had a great weekend! It was such great weather in Perth on Saturday + Sunday. I went orienteering with a few friends on Sunday and I was so grateful for the beatiful sunny weather! Working my my office all day, everyday makes me think I have some Vit. D deficiency so I was welcoming the sun with open arms! haha.

Anyway, so when I went to SG and HK, I (naturally) ate A LOT!! I like to eat hawker and street food (and all kinds of yummy snacks like piah and kuih) but there are sometimes unexpected meals pop up and this is one of them!

Buffet at Carousel which is part of Royal Plaza on Scotts =) This was a semi-spontaneous date night with JS, and a great date night it was! Filled with lots of fun and eating, and waddling out of the buffet. hehe.

We were walking around Orchard Rd the day before and after walking around the entire day, we decided to just stay out for dinner too…except we couldn’t decide what to eat! Then he randomly mentioned a buffet and I was like ‘oooooo SG buffets are so much better I heard’, so I kind of got excited about buffets! haha. Except the one JS mentioned (Carousel) was fully booked that day. Ho hum. So we ended up at Maxwell Food Centre (see this post), but it’s all good because it was a scrumptious dinner anyway =) 

BUT worry not, because we decided to go the next day =P haha. Yup, we don’t waste time do we? We had to wait a bit for a table…initially we were told around 25-30min, so we went to Far East Plaza to get a drink but when we walked over, we got a phonecall and were told that our table was ready! It was barely 10mins!! Awesome! haha.

We got settled in, took some photos, then planned our eating strategy and decided what we should eat first, then…ATTAAAAACK! haha. Let’s have a look at the spread shall we?

(clockwise, top left): Oysters, scallops, mussels + crab claws, DIY salad, salmon sashimi + kingfish sashimi in the background. 
There was A LOT of seafood! The spread was massive, and I loved it! There were freshly shucked oysters which were plump and sweet (I pretty much stocked up on those), cold steamed mussels and chilli mussels, cold crab claws which unfortunately weren’t so good (you could really taste that they were frozen), scallops which were yummy and fresh, clams which were ok, conch which was fresh and sweet. Oh and there was a WHOLE POACHED SALMON!! Omgoodness I can’t even begin to describe how delicious this was! Perfectly poached…the meat was soft and tender, and just oozing with the oily salmon goodness. I couldn’t stop eating this!
They also had half crayfish on the cold seafood table, but I found it so-so only. It didn’t taste sweet, and the meat was a bit tough and tasteless in my opinion. I did eat the roe though…but it wasn’t as sweet and tasty as I would’ve liked. There was also drunken prawns that came in individual bowls. They were really nice – the prawns were huge and fresh, and sucking on the prawn head was just pure bliss…not to mention a neat little cholesterol bomb =P The herbal broth, albeit bit salty for my liking, was packed full of goodness and had a strong taste of the herbs used.
And don’t even get me started on the sashimi. Omgoodness, they were all so fresh! Tuna was perhaps the least fresh but the salmon was out-of-this-world. There was salmon belly too! It was so good…just melted in my mouth. Oh gosh, I’m like salivating now =P haha. JS absolutely loves tako, and we pretty much went back for the tako + salmon. They also had sushi, but I didn’t want to waste my stomach space on carbs so I didn’t try any.

I tried their DIY salad, and ready-made salads and they were all very fresh. The greens at the DIY station were crisp and not limp at all. They also have really interesting dressings – I tried the kiwi vinaigrette, but they also have lemon vinaigrette and other fruit-based ones.  

(clockwise, top left): Desserts – puddings, hot foods, fondue foundations, desserts – cakes + slices
The hot mains were quite nice too. They had a nice braised mutton, a baked fish and some nice curries at the Indian corner. Truth be told, given the large range of seafood and fresh sashimi, I loaded up on those instead of the hot mains. There was also a rotating kebab (not sure what meat though), a pasta station, laksa (which I totally forgot about! ><!!) and 2 types of soup but I didn't try those. Oh and there was a selection of breads too. 

I couldn’t resist the kuih pie tee though =P It’s so cute and awesome! It was actually my first time trying it and I love the concept! haha.

Desserts weren’t too bad…not a huge range but I was so full from the seafood, it’s probably a good thing there wasn’t too much choice! haha. JS and I shared each slice/shooter so that we both can sample most of the items. Things that stood out for me was the wasabi cheesecake which I found just so interesting because you get this really slight savoury kick from the wasabi that cuts through the dense creaminess (JS wasn’t a huge fan though), the walnut tart, chocolate peanut mousse though it got a little thick and sickening after a bit. 
I also had their icecream…the chocolate was nice but my favourite was the pecan brittle (I think it was that?). I was so full but just couldn’t resist! haha. 
Carousel is quite nice – there’s a HUGE variety of food, and most things are pretty tasty too. What’s most important for me is that there was a nice range of seafood and that it was fresh! Wouldn’t mind going back there one day, but I’ve got my eye set on a couple of other buffets first =P Or rather, my stomach! Nevertheless, worth a visit if you’re around that area.

Carousel Buffet – Royal Plaza on Scotts
25 Scotts Road,
(65) 6737 7966
*I highly recommend making a booking, no matter what day and how many people. I think we went on a Tuesday or Wednesday and it was full-house for the entire time we were there*

You can view their sample menu here.

Oh, one thing that was really interesting is that there were about 7 tables celebrating birthdays that night! We heard the birthday song so many times, along with the waiters coming out with a little birthday cake + candle. Wonder what was so special about that one day!?! hehe.

Oops, sorry for such a long post! Thanks for reading!! Have a great week ahead!


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