[CC cooks]: Peanut roca?

Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a great week! Here’s a short mid-week post for you all!

Have you heard of Almond Roca? It’s a really yummy toffee that has bits of almond in the toffee, then coated with chocolate and more crushed almonds. It’s so nice! The toffee is the perfect buttery crunchiness and the chocolate just adds that little hint of smoothness to the sweet, and the almonds are..well, almonds are just nice in general! haha.

I saw this recipe one day and thought it was really interesting to try…it sounded just like almond roca and since my Mum and brother, GC love eating almond roca, I decided to give it a go. It would also make good gifts for my supervisors at Christmas, if it turns out well.

Except..I didn’t actually have any almonds…fail. haha. So I decided to use peanuts instead, and it was just as nice! The toffee wasn’t as hard crunch as I would’ve liked and I think mixing in the peanuts made it a bit grainy from all the tiny pulverised parts but the taste was not bad. Although it wasn’t really as buttery-tasting as almond roca…

I covered it in dark chocolate so the bitterness would offset the sweetness of the toffee. Roasted peanuts + dark chocolate = … (words can’t describe how delicious it is! haha).

Not sure if I would try this again…but if I did, I’d definitely only add the chunks of nut to the sugar mixture and not too much of the really pulverised parts.

Thanks for reading! ^^ Enjoy the rest of the week!!


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