[EatSG 2012]: My favourite kind of food – Part 1

Teh & Kopi

Hi everyone! Hope you have all had a great week so far! Can you believe it’s Thursday already? Gosh, why do I always feel like there’s not enough hours in the day to get everything done?

Of course, if I stopped procrastinating, perhaps I would get more productive work done…but…procrastination is just so fun! haha.

Anyway, so here’s another instalment of my SG-HK trip! I ate A LOT on my holiday..like seriously a lot. I had a very long list of foods that I *must* have, and just ate to complete that list. Here are some of the things from my list =) Make sure you’re not hungry, ok? haha

Kuey Chap
I love innards…beef tripe, pork intestine, pork stomach, liver, etc…everything. Kuey chap was my first meal when I landed! And it was absolutely awesome! I love the chewiness of the pork intestine, dipped in chilli and slurped up with some of the kuey teow..YUMS! This is from a place in Siglap. I can’t really remember the name of the coffee shop, but we always have kuey chap from here. It’s goooood. 

Mee pok
How can I go to SG and not eat mee pok? Well, I can’t…hence why it was on my list as well. haha. This is a yummy bowl of mee pok from Jalan Tua Kong which is in the LTN coffee shop. It’s yummy but was more shiok the previous times I’ve had it…maybe I needed more chilli? 
(Clockwise from top-left): White carrot cake + sugar cane juice, chwee kuih, ang koo kuih + peng kui, prawn mee (dry), fish slice soup
One of the hawkers centres I MUST go to is Bedok Interchange. Suffice to say, I just love that place. It’s pure awesomeness and has the BEST chwee kuih in my opinion (from Bedok Chwee Kuih). We went here on 2 occasions, and this is a mix of what we’ve had. I absolutely love the carrot cake there…it’s a must-have of course. 
I wanted to try ‘real’ ang koo kuih so that I can gauge what the texture is supposed to be like, and this was so yummy! The mung bean filling was so smooth and moist, with just that little bit of salty hit. The peng kuih (I *think* that’s what these are called) was quite nice – it’s the first time I’ve tried it. I thought it could do with a bit more filling though. 
Next up is another hawker’s centre that is a must-go place for me too – East Coast Lagoon. We went here for dinner with JS’ family, after JS and I went walking along East Coast Park.
(L-R, top): Sambal kang kong, sugar cane juice, young coconut
(L-R, middle): Sambal stingray, grilled chicken wings
(L-R, bottom): gong gong, sambal sotong, pork satay
Where did my oloak go???? I think I forgot to take a picture of my oyster egg =( Most probably because I was craving that so all I could think about was eating it..haha. oops. The oloak here is super-yum! The oysters are really juicy and they are not overcooked. And the chilli is seriously so yummy. 
The seafood was really fresh – especially the stingray. This was so yum we ordered another one after. We bought everything from a lot of different places which is part of the fun. The only thing I didn’t like is the satay – apparently this is the ‘Chinese’ style. I didn’t like the sauce…it wasn’t peanut-y enough and just had a weird taste to it. Oh and the sugar-cane juice was soooo diluted so I didn’t like that either. 

Rojak, Ice kacang, sliced fish beehoon
JS & I decided to head to Maxwell food centre one night for dinner. This was a pretty spontaneous decision, but I still had to cross these 3 items off my list and I quite liked the fish soup beehoon from Maxwell last time. hehe. 
The rojak was really good! The yau jar kway was crispy, and the other ingredients were really fresh too. I think this also had banana flower in it, which was a very interesting flavour to me (in a good way!). 
The fish soup beehoon was really nice – I asked for it without milk because I find this place puts way too much milk in it. As you can see, the soup is still quite milky after hours of boiling. The only thing is that the broth wasn’t as flavoursome as I remember. Nevertheless, it still tasted good and I crossed yet another item off my list =) 
The ice kacang was a really nice ending to our scrumptious dinner. Under that mountain of ice was a mini mountain of red beans, kidney beans, leung fun, and corn. I wish there was a few more attap chee though – I only found 2, but maybe JS ate them…? hmmmm…The syrups weren’t too sweet which is perfect for my not-so-sweet sweet tooth (haha, that doesn’t even make sense!), and the ice was shaved nice and finely.
(Clockwise from lg. pic): Nasi Lemak, Mian jiang kuih, otah, wonton mee, chee cheong fun, black sesame paste
The above picture are foods that we ate at Old Airport Road food centre. This was my first time here and I actually put ‘Old airport road’ on my list of things to eat! haha. JS and his family have been here and he always whatsapps photos to me which leaves me drooling and wanting to just SWIM to SG to join him..yes, that’s how desperate I can get =P 
Imagine my excitement when we decide to go there after church one Sunday? I was practically rejoicing inside! haha. There was a lot to choose from, but I really felt like otak so we got quite a few sticks of those to share with everyone. I also bought a nasi lemak because for some reason, I just couldn’t get enough of that. 
Drinks were soybean drink, grass jelly drink, and I bought a 24-flavour herbal tea (the super-bitter one) because I had been feeling a bit heaty. Everything was yum! 
In case anyone asks, I DID NOT buy Lao Ban beancurd. My friend DT had actually prohibited me from buying it before I left Perth =P haha. But anyway, I’m not a huge fan of that style beancurd – I much prefer the scooped ones from HK with some yellow sugar. I did however, enjoy seeing people buying many many packs at once – something I’ve read on various blogs, and finally witnessed for myself =) 


Ok, popiah is seriously one of the best things ever I think. From the first time I tasted it 2 years ago, it has a special place in the food bank of my heart…yes I now have a special food bank in my heart. haha. So needless to say, it was definitely on my list, and from this particular store no less. I read this article on yahoo, written by Dr. Leslie Tay (of ieatishootipost), introducing the stall and I stored the info in my phone quicker than you could say ‘popiah’.

FINALLY* I got my popiah fix and it was goooooood! The radish was yum – moist, but not soggy and still had the radish flavour. I really like the crunch in the popiah. The only gripe would be that it’s maybe a little too sweet, at least sweeter than I remember the other popiahs to be. But I’m definitely no popiah connoisseur so maybe I just don’t know what I’m talking about. haha. Nevertheless, combined with a cup of warm soybean drink, it was just a perfect small meal before JS and I headed off to eat more stuff.

*I say ‘finally’ because I had been attempting to get popiah for 3-4 days already. I wanted the one from LTN because it was close-by, except that guy said they only open at 11:30am…and I wasn’t going to wait another hour since we had plans that day. Too bad. Another morning, I went after 11:30am and the stall was closed =.=’ I consoled myself with some ondeh ondeh instead…haha. THEN I thought maybe I’ll just grab one from  Bedok Interchange when we went, except I couldn’t find any (is there really no popiah there?).

Ok that’s it for now! Hope you all enjoyed looking at the yummy food here! I sure enjoyed eating them all..A LOT! haha. I know I didn’t have any info about the store names, but I’ll try find the names in my album (I took photos of the stores..hehe) and update once I find them =)

Gosh I miss the food…

Have a nice day everyone! Thanks for reading!^^


4 thoughts on “[EatSG 2012]: My favourite kind of food – Part 1

  1. Thanks for dropping by, Asmita! I totally agree with your sentiment – definitely was 'fantastic food'..haha. I miss it so much! =P Gonna pop by your blog now too..hehe.


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