[CC bakes]: Black sesame chiffon cake

Hi guys! Hope you all had a fantastic start to the week! I’m a bit busy at the moment, so here’s a short post of a cake I baked a while ago. I’ll get back to blogging about my SG-HK trip when I have a bit more time! 
Don’t you just love the aroma of toasted black sesame? mmmm…black sesame soup is one of my most favourite desserts, especially when it’s nice and warm, thick and just pure sesame goodness! haha. 
I incorporated one of my favourite flavours into another chiffon cake – just used the usual recipe and added ground roasted black sesame. My blender didn’t grind some bits super-finely, but I actually kinda liked it like that. It’s got a certain grittiness to it. Soft, tender crumbs with the nutty aroma of black sesame..bliss!
Tasted great and my family liked it =) Thinking of what flavour to make next…hehe. Perhaps should practice a strawberry shortcake since I’ll be making one for Mum’s birthday!
Thanks for reading! ^^ Enjoy the rest of the week!

6 thoughts on “[CC bakes]: Black sesame chiffon cake

  1. Hi, there, same like you, I like black sesame very much. Very yummy-looking chiffon! Did you bake the chiffon using a round pan or a chiffon pan? If you did it on a round pan, you are an excellent cook, haha! Very nice! I baked 2 in the last few days, addicted to it. If I'm not lazy, I'll share one of the 2 recipes that I've tried soon!


  2. Thanks, Jessie! I baked it using a chiffon pan, but I've tried pandan cake with a round cake before. You should share one (or both!) of your recipes! hehe


  3. the last time i baked a black sesame chiffon wasnt quite a success, the taste was quite bland, just like a plain chiffon cake altho black in colour 🙂


  4. Oh that's such a shame, Lena. I think I added in about 40g of ground black sesame. I toasted my own black sesame and ground it myself – I find it is more flavourful this way than the store-bought powders.


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