[EatSG 2012]: CafeBiz – Traders Hotel

Good morning everyone! Well, hopefully everyone has risen to a good Monday morning! hehe. How was your weekend?

So I’ve shared a couple of things that I did in Singapore with you, so what’s next? Here’s a tiny snippet of what I ate there. I went for dinner at Cafe Biz at the Traders Hotel with JS and his family, and his aunt. I think there was a credit card promotion on for this when we went…?

There isn’t a huge selection of food, but there are some interesting things that I definitely don’t see in buffets in Perth.

 (clockwise from top-left): cold cuts & dressings; seafood counter; grill/roast section, pasta and laksa; DIY salad
Oops I forgot to take a picture of the sashimi!! The salmon sashimi was quite nice…quite fresh though I did have a couple of pieces that were sinewy. The tuna, on the other hand, was mediocre. I didn’t try the sushi rolls because rice fills me up quickly, and that’s NOT GOOD for buffets! haha. 
The seafood was not bad – the prawns were nice and juicy. The crab claws weren’t so…you could really taste that they were frozen. The cold mussels was nice, as were the scallops. But unfortunately no oysters =( 
Gosh! As I’m writing this and thinking back on what there was to eat, I realise that I didn’t take photos of A LOT of the food! haha. Sorry! Not as much food-porn, but believe me when I say that there was an AWESOME cold Atlantic Salmon in the seafood section. It was sooooooooooo tender and cooked perfectly. I had countless servings of that. At one point, I eyed a waiter bringing a whole new one to the counter and pretty much beelined for that =P haha. 
The hot foods were ok – there was a laksa crab but everytime I went to get some, there were only a few tiny pieces left. Not really worth my time…and then I forgot about it =.=’ The brocolli with egg white and gei zi was very nice and I really needed some greens! The lamb, though stewed, was tough and not as tender as I’d hoped. The flavours were good though.
Hmm, what else? There was some chicken, but I didn’t try it. Oh their soup was nice! It was a duck and chrysanthemum one – very flavourful and interesting flavour. I only ever have chrysanthemum as a sweet tea. 
There’s some roast duck as well, which is quite nice…a bit bland, though tender. I wanted to gnaw on the duck leg but he chopped up a thigh for me =( Next to the roast duck, there is a grill section and the prawns are pretty fresh! Thanks to JS who peeled them for me =) hehe. Sometimes they overcooked them but they were still very meaty and sweet (the heads were goood though..hello cholesterol bomb!).

On the grill, they also have chicken satay and the obligatory accompanying sides – this is really nice!! CS (JS’ brother) ate so many sticks! haha. There’s also curry laksa which I didn’t get to try because I was getting pretty full.
More desserts…and look! There’s nonya kuih!!!
My my…all those desserts. Where should I start? Needless to say, the dessert counter is my favourite destination at buffets! And the thing I absolutely love about Cafe Biz is there is nonya kuih!!!! I LOVE KUIH!!! There was kuih lapis, the corn kuih (tako is it?), seri muka, kuih kosui and the one where there is coconut filling in the pancake (I forgot the name! Please let me know in the comments if you know it. Thanks!). Update: the pancake one is called ‘Kuih Ketayap’ or ‘Kuih Dadar’ (thanks Lena, and Rasa Malaysia!).

The kuih were pretty nice, and my favourite was the seri muka but that’s just my favourite in general =P haha. 

The rest of the cakes were ok. The mango pudding shooter was pretty good, and the black forest cake. By the time I got to the dessert section, they had actually swapped some desserts so there were no more of those little cakes on the top counter in the first picture. 
And then there’s icecream!! They had really yummy corn icecream, and lime sorbet…aaaaand durian pengat! Omgoodness I was so excited when I saw this. I’ve seen it on so many blogs who have reviewed other buffets, I really wanted to try some…and plus, I just love durian. hehe. The one at Cafe Biz is fragrant, but it’s not smooth. You can actually feel some icicles as you bite which was quite disappointing. 
I forgot to take a photo but JS and I created some icecream profiteroles. There were empty choux balls at the fondue counter so I grabbed a couple and scooped some icecream inside of them. hehe. 
Not the absolute best buffet I’ve had in terms of quality, but it was still a satisfying dinner =) Thanks for the treat, Aunty! 
Traders Hotel – Singapore
1A Cuscaden Road,
(65) 6738 2222
Thanks for reading! ^^ Hope you have a great week!

PS. Sorry for the jumpy writing and lack of photos! I’ll do better next time, promise =) 


8 thoughts on “[EatSG 2012]: CafeBiz – Traders Hotel

  1. at least i see that the variety of food is many times more than what i get here. I wonder how durian pengat taste like..hmm..the pancake you're talking about is it green in colour? kuih ketayap?


  2. Oh the durian pengat is like kind of like durian pulp x icecream, but this is the first one I tried so I'm not sure if that's what it's usually like..?

    YES it is kuih ketayap!! Thank you!!


  3. I agree, Jessie. There is a larger selection with different kinds of food. How I wish there was fresh sashimi at the buffets in Perth. However, I do quite like the buffet at Hyatt Cafe here – good quality! hehe. I'll make a note not to go for buffet at ShangriLa or Four Points in SYD =P


  4. Look at the seafood spread and dessert section! This buffet reminds me of the buffet we always go when we are in Taiwan. I'll spend easily 2 hours eating there. 😀 American buffet? Um..unless it's in Vegas, I wouldn't even considering going! 😉 THis place looks so good!


  5. I went to another buffet while in Singapore (post is coming up), and I think you *may* drool slightly at the seafood choice there! =P hehe. I easily spend 2-3 hours at buffets too..


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