[WalkSG 2012]: Universal Studios Singapore

USS, Here I come!!
My boyfriend JS and I had decided beforehand that we would definitely pay USS a visit again. He was so excited about it when we were talking about it, even though it was more than a month before my departure from Perth. haha. So cute. 
So why MUST we go to USS again? Well, last time the Battlestar Galactica ride was closed down for testing…on that one day that we went =( The Madagascar rides weren’t ready for the public yet, nor was the Transformers ride. Since these were all up and running, we couldn’t bypass this opportunity! 

Oh how I love soft-boiled eggs.
Although I already had breakfast that morning, JS wakes up later than me so he (as usual) hadn’t eaten. Naturally, the first stop was FOOD! haha. We decided to have Toast Box when we got to Resort World Sentosa and ordering was no difficulty – soft-boiled eggs with kaya toast (which I forgot to photograph) and teh was first-choice for us! I often make this at home (without the kaya toast because I don’t have any kaya), so it was awesome to actually get this in SG! JS got thick toast with peanut butter instead of kaya toast, of which stole some because peanut butter on warm toast = L.O.V.E! 

Sci-fi World
Now that we’ve got protein and energy, it’s time to hit the rides! We were so excited about the Battlestar Galactica ride that we seriously beelined for that once we got into USS. We sat the blue one first because we heard it was the better one (JS’ cousin SL sat this 20+ times in a day!). It was AWESOME!!! I loved it! There’s twists and turns, you go upside down, you get that lurching feeling in your stomach when there’s the dip, but it’s all so so so good! The line at the red one was quite long when we came out of the blue one, so we decided to go right ahead and ride the blue one again! haha.
Unfortunately, it started raining as we were queuing for the red one, which soon became a torrential downpour! JS and I were literally sitting in the carriage of the red one, only to be told that due to safety concerns the ride was temporarily closed! So we had to get off. But that’s ok, because it’s good to know they take patrons’ safety that seriously! Though, it would’ve been pretty exciting to ride it with a little bit of rain…just a teeny tiny bit. JS said I was crazy when I told him this =P haha. 
Battlestar Galactica! 
Due to the downpour, we decided to take cover at the Transformers ride which is like an indoor 4D ride. It’s a bit like Shrek 4D…only BETTER! Heaps better! This was so fun, we rode it many many times! In the end, we were analysing how the ride was constructed. LOL! Does anyone else do that? hehe. 
We also took the Mummy Returns ride a couple of times because of the rain which was so heavy that there were puddles to avoid, our shoes were soaked and we ended up buying ponchos. I was also paranoid about my camera so I NEEDED some protection for it. 
JS was feeling slightly ill (we think it’s because of the blue battlestar ride) =(. My tummy was also giving me slight problems the whole morning, so we decided to eat lunch. After eating the food in USS last time, we found it none-too-appetising and decided to head to one of the many eateries outside of USS. But don’t worry, because you get a re-entry stamp on your wrist! So you can continue with the fun and games after eating!
After reading about the Malaysian hawkers at RWS from other blogs, I was curious about it but JS felt like Din Tai Fung instead. He can never resist XLB! Well, neither can I for that matter. haha.
(Clockwise from top-left): DTF at RWS, Prawn & Bamboo shoot la mien, Pork XLB, Beef brisket la mien
Imagine going to DTF and not ordering XLB…how is that possible? Well, for us, it’s NOT! So definitely must get one. Although the XLB at DTF are quite nice, I don’t find them out-of-this-world delicious. I have to say their skin is good though – thin and smooth! 
I got the prawn la mien which was very nice because I wanted something ‘ching’ for my tummy…the prawn is actual prawn and not the crappy frozen crystal prawns that you get so often in Perth. The broth is very flavoursome without being salty and the la mien? Well, what can I say…delicious! Very Q but make sure you don’t let it sit in the soup for too long otherwise it becomes too soft. 
JS got the beef brisket la mien which is seriously one of the best beef brisket I’ve had…ever. Gosh, it was so tender and the spices and flavours it was cooked in completely permeated the meat. Seriously, if you are a fan of beef brisket, ORDER THIS…NOW! Ok, maybe not now but you get what I mean =P 
This tiny vitasoy is SO CUTE!
We didn’t order vitasoy, but I saw this on the way out and I just couldn’t resist snapping a picture! I’ve never seen vitasoy so small before! haha. I did end up finding it Sheng Siong =P
Decided to walk around RWS a bit before entering USS again – last time it was dark when we walked RWS after USS so this time it was nice to see the surrounds in better light.
Far Far Away

Then back to USS! And naturally, after getting energy from our lunch, I couldn’t wait to sit the battlestar rollercoasters again! The rain had long stopped and the rides were back on, so first stop was the red one since we missed out earlier in the morning. I have to say I totally agree with those who say the red one is boring compared to the blue one! haha. Once was enough for me =P I actually didn’t like it much because it was very rocky (not as smooth as the blue one), and it made my head hurt.

JS, on the other hand, much preferred the red one because it was more ‘tame’. He got a headache from the blue one so I had to ride it myself…again…and again…and again =P haha. Not sure if we are getting old(er), but cannot ride roller coasters so many times anymore =P haha. I was far behind SL’s tally of 20+ on the blue one…I rode it only 5 times. But that was enough for me anyway, and plus I didn’t want to make JS wait for me too much! He looked so ‘ke lian’ sitting there with my bag =(

Which is your favourite? Red or blue?

We didn’t go on all the rides like last time, because this time we focused more on the newer sections and rides. It may seem like a waste of money since the tickets are quite expensive, but we decided not to play and play until we exhaust ourselves since this holiday is about relaxation for us. The rain also made it a chilly day and I was already wet enough that I didn’t want to go to the Jurassic Park Rapids ride to get MORE wet!

Bye Bye USS & RWS. See you next time! 

All in all, it was a very fun day! Sucks about the rain, but meh, we both enjoyed ourselves and finally we rode the battlestar galactica ride! haha.

Favourites were definitely the blue batterstar galactica roller coaster, and the transformers ride! I was just so amazed by the transformers one!

What about you? Do you have a favourite ride and if so, what is it?

Thanks for reading! ^^ Hope you enjoyed reading about my adventure at USS! Have a great weekend!


6 thoughts on “[WalkSG 2012]: Universal Studios Singapore

  1. Hi , the reason we are going to S'pore is becoz we want to take our children to USS & Sentosa Island,And also because I miss celebrating x'mas there! Don't think that we going Ti take those roller coaster rides though as I may have heart attack after that, haha!


  2. Hi Jessie, I've never celebrated X'mas in SG! I've seen photos of the lights on Orchard Road and they look beautiful…so jealous! haha. USS and Sentosa sound like a fantastic day out for your family – I hope it doesn't rain though!


  3. I have been to Universal Studio in LA but not elsewhere even in Osaka yet. And I see DTF! Drool… I want to try one in SG one day. So far only in Los Angeles and Taipei. It's nice that now we can get to try a lot of things even you are not in originated country!


  4. I totally agree with your last point, Nami! It's great to spread different countries' cultures around like that, plus it makes it easier for us to satisfy our cravings =P I wish there was a good XLB restaurant in Perth, but I'm super-happy with our homemade ones anyway..only when we have time of course.


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