[WalkSG 2012]: Gardens by the Bay

Hi everyone! I trust you all had a great weekend? Not sure why but it passed really quick for me..and I didn’t even do much! haha. Anyway! So I finally got around to scanning through my photos and planning some posts about my holiday! Hope I didn’t keep you waiting too long =P
So during the month of July, I went to Singapore and Hong Kong for a much-need break from my studies and the happenings in Perth. I went to Singapore first, for 2 weeks, mainly to see my boyfriend JS who works there. After 9 long months of being in different countries, it was so great to see him waiting on the other side of the glass doors at the arrivals area of Changi International Airport. The rush of emotion is something I can’t describe (and won’t attempt to for fear of grossing you out), but those who have been in long-distance relationships will understand. 

To be honest, it’s been surprisingly difficult to adapt back to life here in Perth. I say surprising because I usually bounce back into my normal routine with no problems, but this time it’s different. I’ve been finding it hard to adapt to the whole long-distance thing with JS again, and also to motivate myself with my work at uni. But adapt I must! hehe. Anyway, enough of this brooding and depressive talk. Let’s talk about my adventures instead!

Flower Dome
JS’ mum specially took some days off work for when I was in Singapore, so we decided to head to the newly-opened Gardens by the Bay on Children’s Day. Since there was no school, JS’ aunt and her daughter SL also joined us!
But first, we need some energy to walk around the gardens…which signals LUNCH! haha. We had lunch at Angel’s Bistro on Stanley St. in the CBD area. Angel’s Bistro serves up vegetarian food, and it’s very yummy. There’s some fusion items on the menu, and there are daily specials along with staple items available everyday.
(clockwise from top-left): Angel’s Bistro entrance, Tom Yum Pasta with ‘meatballs’, menu, healthy laksa
I’ve tried quite a few items from the menu, but that day I had the healthy laksa (SL wanted me to have it because she wanted it too..haha). Why call it healthy? Well, because instead of coconut milk, Angel’s Bistro uses soybean milk in the soup! It’s REALLY GOOD! The flavours are right there, but it’s not as heavy. Sometimes I find curry laksa a bit heavy and I feel really bloated after eating it. Good choice, though it was a little hot to have something spicy and soupy..haha.
JS had the tom yum pasta – he’s a sucker for tom yum. The meatballs and dumpling are in fact, made of a tofu mixture which also has carrots, mushrooms, coriander, and water chestnut. Very nice and unique filling for dumplings…I’m going to try make them one day =P 
One thing I love about Angel’s Bistro is that a lot of the meals come as a set and you get the home-made soup of the day. The soup is seriously really yum – you can tell it’s home-made and there’s no MSG or anything. Today’s one was soybean with carrot which was really nice. They sometimes have a bitter melon one which is also very nice. 
Do pop by Angel’s Bistro if you are in the area, and/or are interested in trying some healthy, vegetarian food with a twist. Their brown rice set, and avocado mousse with gula melaka are good too! 
Angel’s Bistro
28 Stanley St, 
+65 6220 4344
Now that we’ve filled our bellies, it’s off to the gardens! 
 (clockwise from top-left): Orchids in the Cloud Forest, Supertrees!!, My ticket…and hand =P

I love flowers and plants, so I was really excited to go. We only walked the 2 conservatories (Cloud Forest and Flower Dome), because JS’ mum’s knees were hurting, and SL was getting tired. I think you would need an entire day, or at least more than one afternoon, to walk around everything. Especially when they open everything up! Nevertheless, the conservatories were beautiful!
(clockwise from top-left): Cloud Forest – a long drop down from the waterfall, Flower Dome, Flower Dome feature, Cloud Forest waterfall
The Cloud Forest had this beautiful man-made waterfall, and the walkway circled the waterfall and soon you were high above the ground. Not only was I amazed at the sheer size of this place and the talent and hardwork that must’ve gone into designing and constructing the Cloud Forest, I was just simply amazed at the variety of plants there. Isn’t it cool that some plants need certain climates, and that any change in climate affects their growth? I found it very interesting to walk along the path and finding a tree of Japanese origin, or small shrubs that are seen only at certain sea levels and temperatures which the dome has simulated. Also, how cool is it that the plants and flowers are on the actual waterfall itself? I looked down at one point, and there was a whole wall of red anthuriums on the side of the waterfall!

We saw someone taking wedding pictures at the Cloud Forest in front of the waterfall! Must have looked like they travelled to an exotic island! 

I finally found out what ‘Blushing Bride’ looks like!

While the Cloud Forest was predominantly plants and shrubs, the Flower Dome (as its name suggests) was a burst of colour with a multitude of flowers from all over the world. Seriously, we found a tag from a David Austin Rose and it really came from a nursery in England.

As with the Cloud Forest, there are name plaques near the flowers detailing the flowers’ scientific and common names, and its origin. Very educational! But only if you can remember all those flowers =P haha.

Beautiful bright pink hydrangeas
All in all it was a fun day walking around snapping (lots of) photos of the contents of these two impressive domes. Gardens by the Bay is very beautiful at night as well when the domes and the supertrees are lit up. I only saw it in the car so didn’t manage to snap a picture, but I think it’ll also be worth going at night. 
Gardens by the Bay
18 Marina Gardens Drive,
+65 6420 6848
Hope you enjoyed this post!! Stay tuned for more! =) 
Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a great week ahead! 

6 thoughts on “[WalkSG 2012]: Gardens by the Bay

  1. Hi, girl, great to see you back on blogging again! My hubby & I were in separate countries for 1.5 years b4 I came to Sydney. I was abound to finish my studies in Malaysia, then I decided to work in Singapore for a short while! And guess what, we are planning for a holidays to Singapore+Malaysia in Dec. Kind of a last minute thing. It's so expensive to have holidays at this time of the year but I'm looking forward!


  2. Hi Jessie! It's great to share my adventures with you all =) Oh I'm excited for you about your holiday in December! It is quite expensive to have a holiday in December, but I am sure you deserve it and it will definitely be worth it! You gotta start preparing your list of things to eat and do =P haha..


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