[CC bakes]: I’m back…with pretzels!

Hi everyone! How are you all?? I’m back in Perth now, from my month-long holiday to Singapore, Hong Kong & Japan! I had a great time in all 3 places; it was SO GOOD seeing JS again after so long, and I am so grateful for the time I had to spend time with my loved ones, and to relax and recuperate from a tiring and stressful semester at uni.

Needless to say, time passed way too quickly and I am now back at uni for a new semester which hopfeully won’t be as stressful as the last. I had too much fun holidaying that I really didn’t want to go to uni today..haha. I was whingeing internally on the train =P

I’ve got so much to share with you all – the beautiful scenery in each of the 3 places, not to mention the fabulous yummy food I gorged on. But it will take me a while to compile the photos into comprehensive posts, so please bear with me! =) I’m still trying to decide how best to post about my trip – I posted my Margaret River trip day-by-day but it’s not feasible this time because it will take too long. Perhaps I will post in categories…like ‘eat’, ‘walk/explore’, or something like that. Still thinking..hehe.

Anyway, I haven’t had time to compile my photos yet, so let me share with you some pretzels I made before my trip. My younger brother GC requested these because (A) he loves to eat the pretzel bread from Jean-Claude Patisserie, and (B) he liked them the last time I made them. I made them smaller this time and got about 12, but turns out GC likes them when they’re a bit bigger. Next time! hehe.

Thanks for reading! ^^


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