[Eating out]: Red Cray – Belmont

Hi everyone! I’m in sunny Singapore right now! It’s quite hot and humid but given that I’ve pretty much been frozen for the past 1.5 months from Perth’s weather, I am relishing this heat (this is coming from someone who hates hot weather too). Gosh and don’t even mention the sunshine! I’m loving my vit.D! Haha. Seriously, being stuck in my office studying and not having much sun except for lunchtime has made me suspect I had some vit.D deficiency or something =.=’

So here’s a post for you about our Mother’s day dinner treat! I’ve been having so much fun in Singapore and its great seeing my boyfriend JS and his family again, but I’m too busy eating mee pok and crabs so transfer my photos..haha. So here’s yet another belated post first =P

Mum has wanted to visit Red Cray for quite a while, so my siblings and I decided to treat her and Nan to dinner there for Mother’s day. I’ve had the Red Cray Platter with JS, and we both enjoyed it immensely. When I told Mum about it, she was quite intrigued but we never really had the chance to go because the restaurant is quite a while away from us…about 35-40min drive!

But that all changed on Mother’s Day 2012 =) 

Red Cray is mostly known for their cheap crayfish. It’s not incredibly cheap but it’s affordable and quite tasty. Not sure if the crays are fresh fresh (as in swimming fresh), but they are still quite sweet.

They’ve got quite a selection for their menu – assorted entrees, 2 types of seafood platters, fish/seafood, meat, and curry. Yes, curry. Red Cray is owned by Indians so I guess they wanted to add a touch of their own culture in?

So what did we choose from the menu?


We ordered 2 serves of garlic bread and it’s seriously so nice! I love the garlic bread here. Although it wasn’t as garlicky as I’d like, the bread was thick, fluffy, toasted well and was flavoursome from the butter.

Garlic bread (this is 1 serve)

My brother GC loves calamari, and he was eyeing this immediately after he spotted it on the menu. haha. This was quite nice. The batter wasn’t too thick and it just nicely coated the squid. I hate it when there is a discernible layer of flour. It was crispy and came with a mini salad, and aioli which was a bit meh…I think it was supposed to be garlic but there wasn’t much garlic taste.



Mum and Dad of course ordered the platter! They love seafood platters in general, and since I said it was quite good, they didn’t hesitate one bit. haha. Mum was hesitant on ordering the executive platter though, but we told her not to worry about the price and just go ahead and order it. I’m a poor uni student, but the most important thing is that everyone enjoys the food they order!

Executive Seafood Platter

The executive platter is the same as the Red Cray platter, except it also comes with a whole lobster. The menu says it’s lobster mornay, but Mum doesn’t like cream-based sauces, etc, and they were very nice to substitute it with a grilled lobster. The rest of the platter had grilled scallops, grilled fish (not sure what time though), garlic prawns, trio of condiments (tartare sauce, tomato sauce, lemon), chilli mussels, lobster, calamari rings, beer-battered fish, natural oysters (x 4), and chips. Phew! I especially love how everything is served on its own small dish…that way it’s not piled on top of each other and the fried stuff don’t get soggy, and the flavours don’t mingle.

My Nan, sister SC, and JC’s girlfriend VH ordered the pan-grilled salmon. This came on a bed of risotto (lemon, I think?) and 2 stems of brocollini. From what I heard, it was very nicely cooked and very filling. I was actually eyeing this as well, but I’m really picky with my cooked salmon (I really don’t like overcooked salmon). VH did give me a little bit to taste and the salmon was very fresh…though slightly overcooked for my liking =P

Grilled salmon
JC ordered the Ocean & Earth, which is black angus grain-fed sirloin topped with prawns and 1/2 moreton bay bug. JC loves ordering this when he goes to restaurants and he said this was quite good. I tried the steak and it was really tender! Perfectly cooked to medium rare and well-rested =) Thumbs up! The moreton bay bug is also very fresh.

Ocean & Earth. (hehe look at JC trying to hide is arms/hands from the photo)
My Aunty ordered the seafood marinara. It was chockful of seafood, but lacking flavour according to my Aunty. She said it wasn’t too bad though and polished it off with little difficulty. hehe. 

Seafood Marinara
My younger brother GC ordered the king snapper which came with croquette, roasted tomato and brocollini. This was reaaaaaally good! I tasted some of the fish and it was flaky and fresh, and cooked wonderfully. The brocollini was nice too =P haha. 

King Snapper
I ordered the chilli mussels, which were nice and fresh =) This is the entree size and it’s quite a lot! I couldn’t actually finish it…but maybe because I had the other entrees..and kept tasting other people’s food =P haha. The mussels were of adequate size and not overcooked until rubbery, and the sauce isn’t a cream-based tomato sauce! Perfect! The only gripe is that the sauce is a little too salty, but you could still taste the freshness of the mussels in it. Oh, and it was spicy enough for me =P But that’s not surprising. I wish it came with bread to soak up some of the sauce though. 

Chilli mussels
No desserts/coffee because we were all too full! Oh since it was Mother’s Day, all mothers got a free glass of champagne which was nice of them =) 
Mum thoroughly enjoyed the platter, so that’s good. Being Asian, we still sat there chomping on the lobster head and legs =P haha. Can’t waste the meat mah! 
Red Cray is quite good – the food is nice and the prices are quite reasonable. It’s actually a pretty casual establishment but not *too* casual and noisy. The staff definitely don’t rush you, which I love! Don’t you hate it when they come every few seconds, and interrupt your conversation? Last time I came with JS, we stayed for like 3 hours I think and the staff were totally fine with that =)
If you’ve been here before, I’d love to know what you think! =) 
Red Cray
Sandringham Central
86 Great Eastern Hwy,
(08) 9479 7000 (I highly recommend you make bookings, especially for 4 or more people)
Thanks for reading! ^^

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