[CC cooks]: 芝麻糊 (Black sesame paste)

Hi guys! Remember how I said I love the warm Asian desserts? Well, let’s say hello to black sesame paste! This is one of my favourites – but only when it is super-thick and robust with sesame flavour.

Did you know black sesame promotes black hair? I’m not sure how true that is because Dad really likes this dessert, and even when drinking my homemade one and the instant ones, his hair is just getting whiter and whiter! haha.

Anyway, it looks pretty chunky but that’s because I don’t really like black sesame paste to be super-smooth…I like to have something to bite.

Again, this is very simple to make and yet again (apologies in advance), my ‘recipe’ is just very rough estimate.

Black sesame paste
(serves 2)
(by CC, a.k.a. Dumpling Love)

~3/4 cup Black sesame seeds 
~2 cups Water
Milk (*optional)
Rock sugar, to taste

1. Toast the black sesame seeds in a frypan over LOW heat until fragrant and toasted (please do not be tempted to turn the heat higher because the seeds will become too toasted, or burn, which results in a bitter flavour).
2. Boil 1 cup water in a small saucepan
3. In the meantime, combine 1 cup water and the sesame seeds in a blender and puree until smooth  (I don’t puree mine for too long because I like mine a bit gritty; If it is very thick, add more water so it is like a slurry)
4. Once water has boiled, and sesame seeds are pureed to your liking, add the pureed seed to the saucepan and turn heat to low
5. Do not let it reach a rapid boil – just a slight simmer.
6. If using milk, add some milk (around 1/2 cup). (I don’t add this because Mum doesn’t like milk much)
7. Add rock sugar to taste
8. Depending on your preferred thickness, add cornstarch solution (cornstarch + water) and stir continuously.
9. Serve warm plain, with tong yuan, or beancurd.

Once again, I’d like to apologise profusely for my exceptionally bad recipes. These desserts are really just ‘cook to your liking’ I think.

I’ll be submitting this post to Aspiring Bakers #20: Asian Dessert Buffet, hosted by Moon of Food Playground.

This is going to be my last post before I go on my holiday, I’ll see you when I get back! With many photos! hehe.

Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a great weekend, everyone! 


6 thoughts on “[CC cooks]: 芝麻糊 (Black sesame paste)

  1. Hi girl! I like black sesame “tong shui” & yes this is the best time to enjoy dessert soup! I was planning to cook this last week but then my children & I were sick & we were moving house, so have to delay! I even bought a pack of ground black sesame!


  2. Hi Jessie, I hope the house-moving is going well and you have all recovered from your sickness! Hope you have some time after you settle in to your new home to make this =)


  3. Hi there, do you think I can blend it so there the paste would be finer? Yours is the only recipe I've seen so far without the use of flour to thicken the soup!

    Oh ps, thanks for giving me motivation on my blog ahah


  4. Hey kitkatgirl! No worries about my comment – support comes from all sorts of places, even random blogger =P haha.

    Yup to get a finer paste, just blend it more. I don't like to thicken it with flour/cornstarch so I control the amount of water/milk I add =) Hope it turns out well for you! Look forward to seeing a photo on your instagram =P hehe.


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