[CC cooks]: 红豆沙 (Red bean dessert)

One thing I love about Asian desserts is that there are a lot of warm sweet soups like this red bean dessert, and this is perfect for the cold weather. It’s been getting really cold lately in Perth – the mornings are sometimes only 2C! It has been warming up a little bit (7C in the morning), but it’s still so cold! There’s one place that has the best red bean dessert in Perth – it’s not too sweet, it’s not diluted, and it’s full of red beans, yam pieces and tangerine peel. One word – yum! haha.

It is very easy to make, just like the sweet potato & ginger dessert I posted yesterday. I didn’t have any yam at home, so it’s just red bean but still tasted just as nice. As was the case with yesterday’s post, I didn’t use any measurements with this recipe – if it looked too dry, I added more water.

Apologies for the bad quality photo! It’s still dark when I wake up, and the sun has set when I get home so I can only photograph using the kitchen light =(

Red bean dessert
(by CC, a.k.a Dumpling Love)

Red beans, soaked for a few hours (or overnight)
1 piece tangerine/orange peel
1 small yam (*optional – you can also use sweet potato instead)
Rock sugar, to taste

1. Bring a large pot of water to boil, add the red beans and tangerine peel, and bring to boil again
2. Lower fire to simmer until red beans are cooked and soft. Add water if it looks too dry.
3. Add rock sugar to taste
4.. Depending on your preferred consistency, puree the red beans or just roughly mash it (this is what I did) with a potato masher.
5. Serve warm and enjoy with your family =)

Simple, right? So sorry about my bad ‘recipes’. I rarely use measurements when I cook, apart from baking, and foods like this is really up to personal liking (e.g., thickness, sweetness).

I’ll be submitting this post to Aspiring Bakers #20: Asian Dessert Buffet, hosted by Moon of Food Playground.


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