[CC cooks]: Our zhong ‘buffet’!

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? Gosh the weekend just flew by for me…but what’s new? haha. That’s probably why I have a serious case of Monday blues today ><! Anyway, got up to so many things on the weekend. It was actually quite tiring, but fun nevertheless.

Anyway! So did everyone have a good 端午節? Was there copius amounts of zhong-eating involved? haha. Gosh I’ve eaten so many zhong, I have a constant glutinous rice belly! haha. But they’re just soooo good.

Which one to eat? 

So remember how I said we made 3 types of zhong this year? Well, here they are!! The triangular one at the front my Nan’s. Middle is Mum’s…you can’t really see it in the picture but Mum’s ones are mini…she only used 1 leaf per zhong. I actually really like how they’re so small. The last one at the back are mine. Gosh I didn’t realise how difficult it was to wrap the zhong in the pyramidal shape! It took me so long to get the hang of it, and even by the last few, they still looked so demented. This was while I was replaying a ‘how to wrap bakchang’ youtube video too! =.=’ I’m thinking of practicing throughout the year and making more zhong…also so that I can perfect the taste =)

Let’s have a look at the inside, shall we? 

(L-R) Nan’s, Mum’s, Mine
I’m not sure if it’s because these were cold ones, but the rice looks incredibly packed and tight. But it doesn’t taste that dense when I eat it…? Hmm…never really noticed the pattern of the rice grains before..haha.

So my Nan’s ones are just glutinous rice dotted with red beans and a couple of red dates. We actually call this ‘yat gau faan’ (lit. ‘one piece of rice’) because it’s predominantly rice. We eat this with sugar or honey because the rice is unflavoured and is a bit bland otherwise.

These are Mum’s zhong filled with homemade red bean paste, which are seriously so good! I don’t actually remember eating this last year. I think because Mum didn’t actually make that many so I left it for her since she likes it more than ‘yat gau faan’. But this year, we made heaps more and that was such a good decision because they are so delectable! The red bean paste is not too sweet and still has whole beans in it. Mum also added some red date slices which lends a nice sweet fragrant flavour to the zhong.

Aaaaaand these are mine…which don’t look very appetizing =.=’ But they turned out surprisingly well. GC doesn’t usually eat zhong but he ate 2 of these in one go! =D (and then sms-ed me to tell me they tasted really good..hehe so sweet, right?). I mostly followed Wendy’s recipe with the meat and mung beans, though I increased the ratio of rice to mung beans because I love to eat mung beans. I think this is one where I forgot to add the meat though…oops. I need to add less rice next time as well. Wendy’s ones look SO GOOD! 

Next time I also want to use homemade salted egg yolks instead. I like the texture of my ones more than the store-bought frozen ones. Homemade ones just seem more oily and crumbly. I can’t wait to be more fluid with my wrapping skills, and hone the flavours better. Then I’m going to experiment with other flavours too =)

Hope you enjoyed reading about our zhong ‘buffet’, as much as I do eating them =) What kind of zhong did you have (or still have)? hehe.

Thanks for reading! ^^ Enjoy the rest of the week!


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