[Eating out]: 大碗麵 (Big Bowl Noodle) – Northbridge

Beef brisket noodles
Those who have frequented Big Bowl Noodle in Northbridge (or Vic Park) will understand when I say this is a bowl of pure deliciousness! haha. It’s seriously soooooooo good! I came here with Mum and GC for lunch one Sunday for a simple but immensely satisfying lunch.
Big Bowl Noodle (I’m just going to call it BBN from here on so I don’t have to retype it all the time! I know..l-a-z-y!) makes their own noodles fresh when you order. 
I don’t have a photo but they’ve got 2 machines behind the counter than churn out fresh noodles according to the thickness you want, and for those who have been lucky enough to eat fresh la mien, you will understand just how much better fresh la mien is than the dried stuff. The noodles are very Q and are just plain, simple goodness. There are different sizes (i.e., thick, medium, thin) at BBN but I like to go for the medium because they seem more Q than the thick, and plus a lot easier to eat! 

By the way, apologies for the photo quality! Mum and I had to rush to work and the markets in the morning first and I completely forgot to pack my camera when I got home.

Anyway! back to the food…

Mum ordered the beef brisket noodle (above), which was soooo good! That’s the first time we’ve had the brisket here and it definitely doesn’t disappoint. It’s tender, melt-in-your mouth and packed full of flavour from the braising liquid. The soup is a little saltier because they add the brisket sauce to it, but it still tastes great! 
Fishball noodle soup
GC ordered the fishball noodle soup. He had such a hard decision deciding between this and the wanton noodle soup, as usual. haha. But clearly, this won in the end and he enjoyed it. The soup is just the normal soup base with no added sauces like the beef brisket or my fish one. BBN boil the soup themselves so you get the goodness of rich homemade soup without the lingering msg taste/sensation. 
Salted cabbage & fish slice noodle soup
I almost always order the fish skin dumpling noodle soup when I’m there but there are just so many other options that sound really good that I always have a hard time choosing! haha. This time I made up my mind that I WAS NOT going to order the same thing, so I decided on the salted cabbage (‘tung choi’) and fish slice noodle soup. It was such a good choice. I was actually crossing my fingers and toes that it wouldn’t be too salty because of the tung choi, but the salt level was pretty much perfect for me (and I actually have a very low level of tolerance for salt). The fish was just frozen basa fillet which was disappointing, but everything else was really good. 
As you can see, BBN are definitely not stingy with their ingredients. Underneath all that brisket/fishball/fish and beansprouts is a mountain of noodles, so one bowl is very filling! They always come with bak choy too so you get your greens =) 
BBN is a great place for some homemade noodles. They’ve got a really extensive menu – noodles can be in soup, fried, braised or baked. They also have horfun but I prefer to eat the noodles. I’ve had the baked and fried noodles before and they’re not bad…the baked ones are too creamy/cheesy for me though, and the fried a bit oilier than I’d like, so I usually stick to the numerous soup ones…it’ll take me a while to try all of them anyway, especially since I usually can never resist my fish skin dumplings! haha. I wonder if I’ll be able to resist that to try the pig trotters next time? hmm…we shall see..
They also sell their noodles in packs so you can take them home to cook yourself too. We’ve bought them before and they taste just as a nice! 
I highly recommend eating here for a filling, satisfying, inexpensive and most importantly, yummy bowl of noodles. One of the best noodles in town, in my opinion! Those who have been to BBN before, what do you think?

大碗麵 Big Bowl Noodle – Northbridge
410c William St,
(08) 9228 4448

大碗麵 Big Bowl Noodle – East Vic Park
884 Albany Hwy
(08) 9355 5222
***My brother JC says this store is a lot bigger than the Northbridge store***

Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a great weekend everyone! 


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