[CC cooks]: Homemade fish soup

Hello everyone! Now that exams are over and I don’t have to study 24/7, I have a little more time on my hands for my blog! 
First up is this homemade fish soup! I think this was from April or something when it was just 4 of us at home for dinner (Mum, me, my 2 brothers JC & GC) so we just had a simple homecooked meal with a few dishes and soup.
Mum bought a whole red emperor fish one night for steamboat and we used the fillets for that and half the bones. So what to do with the rest of the bones? Make fish soup, of course! haha. It was so nice and comforting after a day of work and chock-full of ingredients. 
The last time I made fish soup was a long time ago with my Dad and I’m so happy that it turned out just as well (if I say so myself..hehe) when I made it myself this time.
I’m glad everyone liked it. I love it when I see them happily eating the food I cook =) 
Thanks for reading! ^^


6 thoughts on “[CC cooks]: Homemade fish soup

  1. are you an undergraduate student? I can see that you're cooking well at this age..when i was a student, my cooking was terrible..very simple dishes and a lot from the can and also instant noodles! haha! YOur fish soup reminds me of that packet of shrimp shells that i still had in the freezer, was planning to make prawn noodles but not sure yet..just so lazy!!


  2. Hi Lena, thanks for your lovely comment! hehe no I finished undergraduate a while ago. Oh I don't think my cooking is that good, but practice makes perfect so that's exactly what I'm doing. haha!


  3. Hi Zoe! Oh 'happy' is an understatement..I am ecstatic exams are over! haha. I love cooking for my family, it's just so fulfilling seeing them enjoy the food =)


  4. Fish soup and simple steamed fish is the best way to eat fresh fish, don't you think? Oh I usually add tofu and salted veggie too…but I didn't have any left that day =P


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