[CC bakes]: rolling good times…

My first successfull swiss roll!!!!! You know when people always say “third time lucky”? Well, that has never applied to me…for some reason, sometimes the third time is still a fail and it’s the “fourth time lucky”, even fifth…or even no time lucky =P haha. BUT this is my third time making a swiss roll and it’s the first time where it hasn’t cracked! YAAAAAY! I was sooooooo happy when I could roll it up without breaking. I literally danced on the spot clapping..seriously. I didn’t do my victory dance though (yes, I actually have a victory dance)…just a little jiggle. haha =P 

Can you see the pink dots? I tried to pretty it up a bit so I just added some pink colouring and dotted the baking sheet first. I think I baked the dots for a little too long because some kind of fell off. oh well..
I didn’t make as much batter this time so it wasn’t as thick as my previous attempts, so maybe that’s why it didn’t crack. I’m not sure if this is the sole reason, nor do I think it is, because I see others with thicker ones and their’s roll fine. But anyway, I’ll continue to experiment! Would love to make beautiful swiss rolls like so many other bloggers!

My family and I don’t really like buttercream, and I didn’t have any cream so I just filled it with blueberry jam so that I could try rolling it. hehe.

Thanks for reading! ^^ Hope you all enjoy the rest of the week!!


11 thoughts on “[CC bakes]: rolling good times…

  1. Hi Rita, thanks for dropping by! Oh it's quite fun making your own swiss roll, and satisfying when it doesn't crack! haha. I'm sure your's will be creative flavours too..given that you've invented some 'Bin-tai' goodies =P hehe.


  2. Very pretty swiss roll,I feel so happy for you! Swiss roll has been in my list from day 1 but I still haven't tried making. But lately have been looking for a shallow pan which I can use to make swiss roll. What types of pan did you use? Which brand & what size huh? I remember I saw 1 a long time ago but I didn't buy at that time, now I've been looking everywhere but can't find one!


  3. Thanks, Jessie!! I actually use a lamington pan! haha. I'm not sure about the size, but it's the 'Baker's Secret' lamington pan. Maybe that's why my other attempts were fails? Because of the size of the pan – I've read a few times it's really important to get the pan size correct. I do know Baker's secret also have a swiss roll pan though, and that's bigger..hope you manage to find one and show us a beautiful swiss roll!


  4. They are very pretty Swiss rolls! Hope to see more of your beautiful bakes in the future… and so here I am being your latest follower 😀


  5. Thanks for your lovely comment, Zoe! I'm looking forward to sharing more bakes and cooking with everyone =) But first must study for exams! haha.


  6. Oh yes I can see the pink dots! How cute!! Wow I think bakers are really hard worker because one after another they all work hard till get a perfection. If I fail making a cake, I don't think I can try again… Maybe I'm not much of a baker at all, but totally wish that I am so I can make this kind of beautiful cake at home! Gorgeous work! It's too pretty to eat… =)


  7. Thank you, Nami! =) You are a hard worker too! Your blog posts always look so beautiful…I can only imagine how much time you spend on each one! Your recipes always look so scrumptious, I'm sure if you tried your hand at baking, you would definitely succeed! =) Have a nice weekend!


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