[CC cooks]: Homemade cheong fun!

Hi everyone!! How was your weekend? It’s getting colder in Perth…well, sunny days (sometimes) but cold nights and mornings! You know what cold weather means, right? STEAMBOAT! haha. We had an impromptu steamboat dinner last night…soooo good!

I keep seeing homemade cheong fun popping up on various blogs and when I saw Ah-Tze’s I just couldn’t resist anymore. Doesn’t her’s just look so appetising?

Cheong fun is one of my must-eats whenever I go to HK. I just love it when the streetside stores hand it to me in the paper and plastic bag with ALL the sauces…ohhhh yeah – sweet sauce, sesame sauce and chilli sauces makes cheong fun yummy and CC immensely satisfied. haha.

Armed with Ah-Tze’s recipe, I made these yesterday for lunch and it was so yummy! Decided to make 3 types – plain, spring onion, dried shrimp. It was pretty hard rolling them! Sometimes I didn’t oil the dish enough and some sides stuck and ripped…oh AND my fingers were kind of burning, but GC said at least my hands were finally warm since they always seem to be perpetually cold =P haha. Thanks, GC =.=’

 Let’s have another look =)
I just made a quick sweet-soy sauce with some sesame oil since I wanted us to eat it fresh and piping hot! Mum and GC said it was super-nice! Mum couldn’t resist and took another piece that I left for Dad =P haha. We don’t usually eat it with fried shallots but I thought I’d add some for the texture anyway..hehe.
I am submitting this post to this month’s “Aspiring Bakers #19: Dim Sum Affair”, hosted by SSB of Small Small Baker. Thanks Aspiring Bakers!!
Thanks for reading! ^^ Hope you all have a great week!

10 thoughts on “[CC cooks]: Homemade cheong fun!

  1. Thanks for popping by, Ah Tze! Yup I'll definitely be making more of this..it's so good! Super-craving the cheong fun with 3 sauces from HK now =P haha.


  2. yeah, i also saw tze's and jessie's one recently. Yours is just as great as well! i read it somewhere..cant remember which site that it's easier to roll after letting it cool down a little.


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