[CC bakes]: C-c-cake pops!

I have jumped on the cake pop bandwagon!

Remember how I had made the cake for JC’s birthday? Well, I had some leftover sponge so what better way to use it up than to make cake pops? YUP! That’s what I did =)

They look so cute! But not nearly as pretty as the other’s I’ve seen! hehe. My sponge was moist enough for me to roll it into balls without adding anything…which is good because I know a lot of people use cream cheese and I didn’t want to because (1) I don’t like it, and (2) I had none..LOL!!

So I just rolled them, and coated them with dark chocolate. I added some chopped walnuts to the ones covered in chopped walnuts and some raspberry purree to a couple which was leftovers from the cake as well.

Successful noob cake pops = happy CC..haha! I gave some to my Aunty for her birthday the following day, and VH. Trying to cart my bakes off again, as usual =P

Hope if I ever make them again, I’ll be able to make them look nicer than these! hehe..

Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a nice weekend, everyone!!


4 thoughts on “[CC bakes]: C-c-cake pops!

  1. I've recently seen cake pop moulds being advertised on the TV. And the mould is available in Target & Big W! The mould saves you lots of time, no time to shape. Just use any cake mix, then pour into the mould.


  2. Hi Jessie, Yup I've seen those moulds as well but I rarely make cake pops =P haha. I quite likely the process of rolling them too, a bit like truffles..


  3. Thanks for dropping by, Trish! Your kids are so cute! I generally like cake pops without cream cheese because they seem 'healthier', so can eat more =P haha. They're not too hard to make..you should try it one day =)


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