[Eating out]: Izakaya Sakura – Northbridge

Hi everyone!! Remember how I said it was JC’s birthday? Well, he treated us to a scrumptious Japanese dinner! Haha, it’s our birthday tradition in our family, remember? Treat the family to dinner..

Anyway, so we went to Izakaya Sakura, a new-ish Japanese restaurant in Northbridge. I’ve wanted to try this place for so long, but because it’s got lots of small dishes like tapas, I’ve never managed to get a bunch of my friends together to join me so that we can try all sorts of dishes, and it’s just as hard getting the whole family together too! haha.

The restaurant serves up HEAPS of small dishes designed for sharing (hence ‘izakaya’) so we each chose 2 and shared everything around. There ended up being soooooo much food! hehe..

 “Super lucky cat!” with Asahi! This is SO CUTE I couldn’t resist snapping a picture! haha…

 Dad and JC ordered some beers to go with the food – true izakaya style! haha..

Then…let the eating begin!

Sashimi Moriawase. 
 I don’t know why but I only managed to catch the squid, kingfish (?) and whelk but they were all very fresh, and sliced nice and thickly. JC said the salmon was really nice too.

Sake-steamed clams

Omgoodness the broth is SOOOOO GOOD! The clams, although small were surprisingly meaty.

 Sakana kama misozuke (grilled fish wing).

Although slightly burnt on the surface, the fish was really fresh and you could just taste the sweetness from that. The miso glaze was really nice – sweet and salty…perfect combo. I couldn’t resist eating the bones clean! I know, such bad etiquette, right?

 Buta no kakuni (pork belly).

I have no idea why there’s been such a craze for pork belly lately. I didn’t have any of this though (too busy with the other food..hehe). The others said it was nice (especially with some mustard), but too fatty. 

 Takoyaki. SO. GOOD!!

I always order takoyaki when I go to Japanese restaurants, and this is one of the better ones. Not only do you get 9 (yay! most are 6/serve), they are full of octopus, and not as much batter. One of the better ones I’ve had! Plus, they give you lots of bonito flakes, which I love!

 Hotate butter (scallop). 

I didn’t have any of this because Mum chose it and there was only 4. She did say it was nice and fresh though. But they looked pretty small in my opinion.

 Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake).

Hmm…nothing too special. A bit doughy and tough, in my opinion. I’d just stick with the takoyaki. 

 Chicken teriyaki obento. 

The obentos came with fried onion rings, the chicken, salad, pickled cucumber and rice with gomashio sprinkled on it. Oh and a side of miso soup, which was quite nice. I’ve had so many that are just way too salty but this one was good.

 Chicken karaage obento. 

Fish teriyaki obento. 

I had some of the fish, and salad. The fish is a mix of salmon and some unidentified white fish. Both were nice and fresh, and the teriyaki sauce was quite nice but nothing mind-blowing. Then again, I never order teriyaki. 

 Agedashi tofu. 

Yet another staple when we go to Japanese restaurants. This was really nice – the tofu was so melt-in-your-mouth smooth, and the broth wasn’t too salty. Unfortunately the batter was a bit of a letdown…it wasn’t crisp enough and turned super-gloopy with the broth. Fuji sushi station used to have the best I reckon.

 Aji fry (grilled horse mackeral). 

This was waaaaaaaaaay too oily!  The fish was nice, very smooth and soft meat but it was just too oily. The sauce was like tonkotsu sauce. I really like the plate!!

 Tororo soba (yam; front) & chotto udon (lit. ‘small udon’). 

 After reading Fruits Basket, I just couldn’t resist not ordering tororo soba! haha. It was sooooo good though! The dashi broth was amazing, and the grated yam added a really interesting texture. I didn’t have any of the udon though.


 Nasu agebitashi (deep fried eggplant). 

I think it was a sweet soy-mirin reduction, but I’m not sure. This was ok. I prefer grilled miso eggplant to this though. 

 Whelk sashimi. 

We were actually full, but this hadn’t arrived yet so my brother GC asked the waitress. It turns out that she didn’t actually write it down when we placed the order, and then thought he was ordering a new one! haha. So yeah, it’s the same whelk from the sashimi moriawase so it was fresh, crunchy and sweet =) You don’t see it often in restaurants here so I’m glad we ordered it.

So…that’s A LOT of food, right? The portions are all small because of the Izakaya style but it’s pretty filling. After that, we still had the cake! Oh, speaking of the cake, they charge $12 cakeage. CRAZY! But no choice.
Nice, yummy dinner courtesy of JC. Thanks, JC!! Hope you enjoyed the dinner, cake and gift from us! Happy Birthday! 
Izakaya Sakura
2/82 James St,
PERTH, WA, 6003
(08) 9328 2525
Cakeage: $12.00

Thanks for reading! ^^


2 thoughts on “[Eating out]: Izakaya Sakura – Northbridge

  1. I love Japanese food and whenever there is a new Japanese joint opened in KL, I would love to check it out. I think Japanese food in tapas style is good so we can sample more food and not be stuffed by one big helping.


  2. Thanks for dropping by, Quay Po! Yup I totally agree with you – small tapas style dishes is the way to go, especially since I usually want sashimi, sushi, and takoyaki, and…haha. glutton! Have a nice weekend!


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