[CC bakes]: Another birthday cake!

Hi everyone! How has your week been so far? It’s getting so cold in Perth…I’m even wearing gloves while typing this post =.=’ haha.

Anyway, so this time the cake is for my older brother, JC! It was his birthday a couple of weeks ago but we couldn’t go out for dinner on the actual day because my genius younger brother GC had an awards ceremony on, so we had to postpone it…

So JC isn’t a fan of Asian flavours like pandan, taro, black sesame, etc. He *may* eat it but it’s not like he loves it or would choose it, and there’s no point making one he won’t like, right? hehe..so I decided on a dark chocolate mousse cake because he likes mousse.

Yes, my decoration needs A LOT of work, but it tasted nice! haha. I spun some sugar to make the ‘centrepiece’ and it was super-fun! I’m definitely going to do that again! hehe. Mum also had fun eating the sugar stuck on the fork =P She loves these toffee-type things, and once in a while is ok lah..

I got the chocolate pieces idea from watching Tony Wong on TVB, but mine didn’t turn out as nice as his =( Since it was just pure dark chocolate, it still tasted good though…haha.

The innards…chocolate sponge, raspberry puree, chocolate mousse…
I made a raspberry sauce/filling to spread on the sponges before the mousse went in because I wanted something to cut through the richness of the chocolate. Unfortunately, JC isn’t a huge fan of raspberry (I didn’t know that =( oh well…you learn something new everyday!), but he said he still liked the cake. It’s a shame though because I was tossing up between coffee and raspberry! I should’ve stuck with coffee since he likes that more…but it’s been noted for next year =) hehe.

All in all, a yummy cake that everyone enjoyed =D Not too sweet either, which is the status-quo for my desserts =P haha. And it was so airy and fluffy…you don’t feel as guilty eating more of it =P haha!

And yes, Mum ate the sugar centrepiece…well, bits of it. GC ate some too..haha.

Stay tuned for awesome dinner we had to celebrate his birthday!

Thanks for reading! ^^ Enjoy the rest of the week!!

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