[Eating out]: Hippo Creek – Hillarys

Hi everyone, it’s Monday again! How was your weekend? I didn’t get as much uni work done as I’d hoped (stress levels increasing exponentially), but it was nice to spend time and chat with my Mum. We headed to Northbridge for lunch and bubble tea on Sunday, and also to buy Chinese groceries. Then watched TV while making an awesome simple dinner! haha. fun times, fun times…

Anyway! We headed to Hippo Creek at Hillarys Boat Harbour for my Nan’s birthday a few weeks ago. It was a great day to go there for lunch! We were blessed with great weather…sunny, yet not too hot, which made the perfect setting for an outdoor lunch. 

Hippo Creek serves up South African cuisine – I’ve got no idea whether it’s authentic or not because I’ve never really had SA cuisine before. But the meat here is SO GOOD! They’ve got a pretty interesting menu and it’s quite extensive so diners are pretty spoilt for choice.

 Interior from our table – there’s 2 levels to the restaurant. 

After placing our orders, I wandered around a bit to take photos to show you guys what it looks like.

So cute!

I love the interior of the place – there’s all these little touches that pay homage to Africa, like these wooden hippos. How cute are they?? I just want to bring one home…except that may be a bit obvious, and I have no idea where I would put it! haha. So I left them be…the pair look quite happy together anyway =P 

Then our food came! 


 Garlic bread

I didn’t have any of this, but apparently the bread was really soft. It didn’t look very garlicky to me – only a few tiny pieces on each slice.

Boerewors – flame grilled SA sausage with chakalaka sauce

Oh this was yummy! I don’t usually eat sausages but this was gooooood. The sausage wasn’t those mushy style ones – it had a bite to it and the herbs were really good. The chakalaka sauce was tomato-based nad was full of beans and spice. One word – YUM! 


 Hunter’s Assaghai

Dad ordered the Hunter’s Assaghai, which is rump steak served on a skewer with a dish of butter on the top that’s melted and dripping down onto the beef and chips. There are different types of butter (e.g., garlic, peri peri, etc) and I’m pretty sure Dad got the garlic butter. This also comes with a salad.
Spare ribs
Mum ordered the spare ribs, but I think a more appropriate name would be ‘humungous rack of ribs’. Seriously, it was huuuuuuge! The length of the ribs themselves were so long and there were about 8-10 of them, on a mountain of fries. This was really nice – the sauce was so good, though a bit coyingly sweet for me. But the ribs themselves were tender, meat-falling-off-bones kind of tender.
Chicken assaghai
The birthday girl, my Nan, got the chicken assaghai which is the same as the hunter’s assaghi but with chicken instead of beef.

Surf and turf – 300g sirloin with grilled marron, greens, mash and a creamy garlic sauce
JC ordered the surf and turf which he ordered last time he came so I guess that means it’s good =P The marron was good and sweet (according to Mum who got half), and the asparagus was nice and tender (I got one! yay! haha. Only because JC doesn’t eat it…hehe).
Lion kill – 300g sirloin, pork spare ribs with choice of sauce and baked potato/chips/mash.
JC’s girlfriend VH and my younger brother GC both ordered the lion kill. This is a great choice for those who want steak AND ribs! The ribs are smaller than the spare ribs Mum ordered, but still a generous size. 

Black Angus 200-day grainfed +2 marble score steak – 250g fillet

I was super-craving a thick fillet of steak and this. was. SO. GOOD! Definitely satisfied my craving. I ordered the trio of mustards (dijon, wholegrain, hot english) because I’ve been a fan of the combo ever since I tried steak with mustard at Rockpool…it’s like a whole new world opened up for me =P My steak was medium-rare, and it was a little medium in a little part but otherwise it was cooked great, and oh so tender. YUM!

We were all waaaaaaaaaaay too full after all this food. Struggled to (and didn’t finish) the mash on my plate and the fries on Mum’s.  

We went for a stroll around the boat harbour to burn off our calories =P haha. It was a nice day…

Seriously couldn’t eat dinner…after all the meat! Oh and who could forget the cake? Gosh…we had that at like 4pm or something because we were all too full from lunch =P haha.

An enjoyable outing with my family on a beautiful day. I’ve been stressed out to the max with the huge workload at uni so even though I didn’t have HEAPS of time that day, and immediately got back to work once we got home, it was still nice to just forget about the stress and enjoy myself. It’s good to have days like that, don’t you think?

Thanks for reading!! Have a great week, everyone! ^^


4 thoughts on “[Eating out]: Hippo Creek – Hillarys

  1. I've never had South African cuisine before! Before seeing your post, I really had no idea how the cuisine looks like – wow I am so interested in trying it out. Everything looks so delicious! The spare rib looks so good too. Thank you for sharing the pictures. It was fun reading!


  2. Thanks, Nami! My sister worked in SA for a bit and there's still so much more delicious-looking food than what Hippo Creek offers. It all sounds really enticing..haha. Hope you get to try it out one day! =)


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