[CC bakes]: A birthday cake!

Hi everyone! How as your weekend? The weather has started to cool down in Perth! Yay! As I was driving home from work, I was thinking “this is perfect time for steamboat”…and that’s EXACTLY what we did! haha. It was sooo good! Mushrooms, beef, fish, beancurd, udon, fishball…omgoodness so much food. We had some leftovers of course, which was breakfast and lunch on Sunday =P haha.

Anyway, it was my Nan’s birthday a couple of weeks ago and this year, I’ve decided to make cakes for my family instead of buying them. Unfortunately, I was too busy when it was Dad’s birthday in March but with some good time management skills, I managed to churn out a layer cake for my Nan’s birthday. It took a lot of time but I guess it was nice to get away from all my study!

So there were quite a few changes as to what cake to make. Initially I wanted to make something with berries since my Nan doesn’t like desserts much but then I remembered she quite likes pandan. She used to bake pandan chiffon cakes when I was younger.

Cue plan change 1 – Pandan chiffon cake it was then! And maybe coat it with cream and some almond flakes? But a plain pandan for birthday was quite boring, in my opinion…and plus, I wanted to layer it up. I don’t know why but in my mind, birthday cakes should be layered!?!

Cue plan change 2 – I decided on pandan & lychee layer cake with whipped cream. It sounded like a good combination in my head! But lo and behold, we had no lychee =.=’

BUT…there was longan! Cue plan change 3 – pandan & longan layer cake with whipped cream. Oh…and I also added some attap chee in the cream layers because I like the chewiness of it…and we had some leftover in the fridge. LOL!

I completely forgot to buy almond flakes at the markets!! And I desperately needed something on the whipped cream so hide my ugly frosting skills! haha. Chocolate? Almond nibs? Peanut? hmm…I decided on coconut in the end, which was perfect combo with the pandan! So I just toasted some and sprinkled it on the side…while making a huge mess. haha.

The cake was really well-received by my family! My Nan ate TWO slices, which is a rarity! My Dad also didn’t stop at one…haha. But he likes these sponge/cream cakes. The cake wasn’t too sweet and not too creamy either…umm, mainly because I didn’t realise how much cream I needed and I had to ration! LOL!

I’m so glad everyone liked it! Success. I desperately need to work on my frosting and decorating skills though!

 Extremely messy cutting skills! 

I used this pandan chiffon recipe, which is my go-to recipe for any sponge cake now. 

I’ll be submitting this to this month’s Aspiring Bakers #18: Layers of Love, hosted by Sweet Samsations.

Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a great week, everyone!!


2 thoughts on “[CC bakes]: A birthday cake!

  1. Aiyoh, making a proper cake for a special occasion always sounds a stress job for me & that's why you haven't seen me posting any birthday cake yet, hehehe! You can try some canned lychees if desperate for some.

    I like the combination of this cake. I prefer longan than lychees. Sometimes, I just keep eating on the dried longan for a quick snack, haha!


  2. Hey Jessie! It IS a stress job, not just for you but for me too! I'm always admiring those people who make beautiful cakes that look store-bought!

    Yup I prefer longan more too, and guess what? I eat dried longan as a snack as well! haha. I'm sure my Mum would tell me not to because they are so sweet, but I just can't help it =P


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