[CC bakes]: Afternoon tea

 Chocolate peanut-butter cup muffins
Due to limited office space in the building I previously inhabited, I had to move offices…to…the OTHER SIDE OF UNI! ><! Ok, well it's not THAT far…probably only a 5-10min walk. I wasn't too fussed about moving since my office-mate was also moving with me and we were going to be in the same office again…but it just so happens that I had to move on the day where so many things were happening! It was a hectic day for me. haha. But it's been a while already…about a month so we're all settled in and churning out lots of productive work (ahem! sometimes…)
Anyway, so the other occupants of the building we’re in now organised a little welcoming morning tea for the new occupants. It was so kind of them! We had tons of food – cake, brownies, cupcakes, almond jelly, banana bread, dips and spreads…so. much. food! haha. 

I decided to bring along a cake too, since they went to the trouble to organise it and make us feel welcome. So I baked a chocolate and vanilla zebra chiffon cake and frosted it with milo buttercream and some chocolate topping. This was pretty difficult – I rarely use buttercream and it was warm the night I made it and yeah, lots of chilling going on there!
 Zebra chiffon cake w/milo buttercream

Apologies for the bad photo! I took it in the morning at uni because it was still dark when I left the house and our kitchen light isn’t good for photos. The cake was pretty well-received and people were amazed by the zebra stripes…haha. My brother said it was nice too =) yay! 
Since I had the oven on, I thought I’d just bake some chocolate muffins as well…I remembered we had some peanut butter cups left so I just pushed them into the top of the muffins.  Yes, I made my brothers eat them =P haha. But I’m not mean enough to force them to eat all 12, so I gave some to my Aunty and my brother’s girlfriend, VH and her housemates. Plus, my older brother JC complained he was getting fat =P haha. 
Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a great weekend, everyone!!


4 thoughts on “[CC bakes]: Afternoon tea

  1. Hey Eunice! Thanks for dropping by! Milo seals the deal anytime, don't you think? haha. Will try make the striped cake again one day, and take a picture for you! =) Have a nice week!


  2. Hi Jessie! Yes there was quite a long break for me, but only because I was just too busy with uni. No holiday for me yet! haha. Thanks for dropping by, even without any updates =)


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