[CC bakes]: More bribery…

Monday blues? How about a piece of cake? hehe..

Hi everyone!! Hope you’re all pumped up for another week! I’m so tired…I’m still yawning right now. haha. I was going to sleep early last night, but then couldn’t fall asleep so I got up and watched the 31st Annual HK Film Awards which was good, but sooooo long! haha.

During the past month, a lot of things have happened. One of them was my annual review meeting. It wasn’t really a stressful thing for me because I did my work through the whole of the summer holidays so I felt my supervisors and panel members would be satisfied with the amount of work I’ve done in the past year. But all the paperwork and finding a time that suited EVERYONE was a long long long process, and frustrating too sometimes! In the end, a successful meeting was held and as I had hoped, my supervisors and panel members were satisfied with my work.


Maybe it was the bribes? My sister and I err on this side of the argument =P haha.

 Dk. & White chocolate walnut brownies
I baked some goodies for the meeting…mainly as a token of thanks for them making the time to attend the meeting and because it was 10am – morning tea time..hehe.
Pfft…who am I kidding? It’s more to distract them while I present so they focus less on me =P HAHA! So yeah, more edible bribes..just like last time =P 
This time I made some dk. & white chocolate walnut brownies. I used this recipe and just added a few walnuts in for some crunch.
I also backed a mixed berry crumble cake because I saw this recipe and just had to try it. Yes, it was a necessity. haha. The cake was SO GOOD!!! I urge you all to bake this – it was moist, soft and oh-so-fluffy. The crumble topping with walnuts was awesomeness (I also added rolled oats to it)…next time I might just add the walnuts in the cake itself though since I like that difference in texture in the cake itself. For those who want to try this cake, I reduced the amount of sugar A LOT and it was still slightly too sweet for me (I can’t remember how much I used, though I definitely reduced it by at least half..sorry!).
Mixed berry crumble cake
So these bribes goodies were for 4 people and needless to say, they didn’t finish it! haha. Not even close. So there I am, at uni, trying to cart off these bakes to everyone! haha. The brownies were a hit with other students and I gave some cake to my other friends and staff in my school. One of the staff saw me the next day and commented that the cake was delicious. That made me smile =) hehe. 
So everyone knows what to do for important meetings now, right? 
Bake some cake! or other forms of edible bribes =P haha. 
Thanks for reading!! ^^ Have a nice week everyone!!


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