[CC cooks]: Simple Vietnamese spread

Good morning, everyone! How was everyone’s weekends? Once again, my weekend went sooooo quick – before I knew it, I was waking up this morning for uni! haha. I bet I’m not the only one who felt that, right? =P

Anyway, it’s time for another simple dinner…but for 3 this time! Mum and Dad were staying a bit later at work one night so it was just me, my brother GC, and my Nan at home for dinner and since it’s only us 3, then no need to cook so many dishes.

Our spread =)

So…we decided to have fresh Vietnamese spring rolls! Also because my sister had bought heaps of mint leaves for the Pimm’s cocktail she made for brunch, then left for Zambia without using the rest of it =.=’ But it was a good idea because it was SO refreshing since it was so hot that day!

I prepared some chives, cucumber, spring onion, mint leaves, rice vermicelli, bean sprouts, prawn, lo sui pork and lettuce for the fillings. Oh and who could forget the all-important peanut dipping sauce! I made the hoisin sauce-based one because it’s so moreish with the fresh ingredients. There was however, a problem…I didn’t even have hoisin sauce in our fridge so I kind of threw some ingredients together until it tasted right – and it tasted AWESOME! haha.

I love the idea of having DIY meals because it’s fun for everyone to make their own food and plus, you can just add whatever you like, so that’s exactly what we did! As the photo shows, everything was laid out and we just grabbed whatever we want and loaded it up onto our rice paper. Rolling it was actually quite hard! But that’s probably because sometimes we had so much filling and the wrapper was so fragile! haha.

I also whipped up a Korean-style chicken stew so that GC had lunch the next day – I just threw in some random ingredients (carrot, sweet potato, onion, spring onion, garlic) and braised it in a sweet soy sauce-based…sauce (it feels odd saying soy sauce sauce). This was surprisingly nice, given that I was just throwing things together…though personally, I think the best part was the sweet potato =P haha.

I also made some spring rolls and delivered them to Mum and Dad at work – luckily I called Mum on the way there and she said they hadn’t eaten yet so I was still on time! I’m not sure why but Mum had such a difficult time eating her’s…to put it simply, her rolls just fell apart. LOL. It was really funny watching her actually and I just couldn’t understand why she was making such a mess…haha. But she said it was nice, especially the sauce.

Yet another successful simple dinner at home =) But I still didn’t manage to finish all the mint..so I added it into salads for the next few days.

Thanks for reading! ^^ Hope you all have a great week!!


4 thoughts on “[CC cooks]: Simple Vietnamese spread

  1. never thought of cooking sweet potatoes in soy sauce, it's totally a fresh idea to me. Guess you must had a good laugh looking your mum eating the rolls!


  2. Hi Lena! Thanks for your comment! Yeah the sweet potatoes were really nice (but I LOVE sweet potato so I'm most probably highly biased..haha). The saltiness kind of brought out the sweetness of them I think. Haha yes I found it really amusing how mum was making such a mess! =P


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