[Eating out]: Kung Fu Kitchen – Northbridge

Hi guys! Remember all the spicy Szechuan food from Endless Delights? Well, here’s another restaurant that specialises in such cuisine – Kung Fu Kitchen!

 I like their name and logo…really cute and unique!

This place is literally 2 doors down from Endless Delights (competition much?) but it’s menu is quite different and to be honest, I actually prefer Kung Fu Kitchen! There’s lots of those small appetizer-type dishes and some of them have different sizes. They also have more adventurous cuts of meat such as duck head, tripe, chicken feet, giblets, and so on.

And guess what?? THEY HAVE DAN DAN MIEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omgoodness, I nearly rejoiced when I found out they had it – that’s actually the reason why I went here. haha. My 4 month craving of dan dan mien was soon to be satisfied!

The place is pretty small – there’s 2 larger tables that seat 5-6 people and the rest are 2-4 person tables. They also have a bench that spans the entire length of one of their walls. I figure this is pretty good for their lunch hour and for those who are eating alone. 

 Don’t understand their descriptions on the menu? Here’s some photos to help!

They have some in-store specials such as a Szechuan hotpot where you can choose veg and meat (I can’t remember how many each) for a certain price…I think this sounds pretty good and I’d love to go back to try it. Most of their dishes are spicy but they do have one or two that aren’t – I think you can also ask them to make it less spicy as well. For those who don’t think it’s spicy enough, they have free condiments next to their drinks fridge (chilli oil, vinegar, soy sauce).

I think it’s time to show you what we ordered, right? We mainly ordered those small appetizer-style dishes and some noodles to share.

Mung bean ‘noodles’ with chilli – the ‘noodles’ were springy and not mushy, and the flavour from the chilli, peppercorn, coriander, and peanuts hit us like a bomb. So good.

 Mung bean noodles with chilli

Braised duck head – there are 2 heads here, each cut in half. This was actually my first time eating duck head and it was nice! I love chewing on bones, and I love eating duck so this was double-win for me. haha. Unfortunately, compared to the other dishes, this was a little bland and not spicy enough for me. I should’ve just gotten some of the free chilli oil but I completely forgot about it! I still liked chewing the bones though…oh and I actually ate the brain!!
 Braised duck head

Beancurd with chilli – this wasn’t overly spicy which is good because that meant Mum could eat it without having to drink another gallon of water (note: ‘another’…she drank A LOT of water during dinner! hehe). The sauce was slightly sourish too which is often the case for Szechuan cuisine so it was really ‘hoi wai’ (mmm…whets your appetite? I think that’s one way of translating it). 
 Beancurd with chilli

Seaweed ‘salad’ – this was our first non-spicy dish. It was pretty ordinary since we also make it at home. I actually prefer our own one because this was slightly oily.
 Seaweed salad

I just realised we ordered A LOT! I didn’t even realise it was this much during dinner…wow. 
Anyway, next up is beef tripe and beef tongue in chilli – This. is. SO. GOOD!!! Omgoodness…the flavours in the chilli were awesome! You can so tell they don’t skimp on the Szechuan peppercorns! Again, not that hot for me, but it’s like a nice little lingering spiciness so you can still taste the other flavours in the sauce. The tripe and the tongue were sliced a little too thin for my liking because I like to chew big chunks (like the ones at yum cha), but there was no gamey smell/taste. Very well done, and highly recommended.

 Beef tripe & tongue in chilli

How can we forget the 口水雞 (saliva chicken) which is the most well-known dish? Well, someone did…and that’s me! I completely missed tasting this! I think there was just so much other food, it kind of got pushed away..haha. But the others said it was good and it looks like it would be the same sauce as the tripe and tongue so in that case, I’m sure it would taste just as nice.


My brother, GC saw the sweet & sour sweet potato noodles on the menu and immediately ‘reserved’ it as something he may order…obviously, he ordered it. This reminded me of 魚, except the noodles (which are the yummy Korean-style noodles) replaced the fish. It was really nice – I kept drinking some of the soup which was tangy, spicy, salty and just plain awesome. GC was perspiring at an alarming rate while eating this, but I didn’t actually find it that hot (this makes me wonder whether I even have ANY tastebuds left that react to chilli! haha just kidding).

 Sweet & sour sweet potato noodles

Are you ready to see the ever-elusive dan dan mien???? haha. I mixed it up so you could see the noodles but then the mince has kind of disappeared. This was SOOOOOOO GOOD! It wasn’t the best dan dan mien I’ve had but it was good and definitely satisfied my craving. I don’t know if the noodles are made in-store but they were SUPER YUM! Seriously, they were so Q and just so yummy.
 Dan Dan Mien

‘zhar jeung mien’ – noodles with minced pork with soybean paste. I have no idea what to call this dish in English. We ordered this mainly so that Mum had something non-chilli to eat that would actually fill her stomach =) It was nice but you definitely had to eat the noodles and mince together otherwise the mince is just a salt bomb (for me anyway). The noodles are the same as the dan dan mien ones so they were just as Q and yum. We all said we prefer our home-made ‘zhar jeung’ though…hehe. So picky, right?
 Zhar jeung mien

My brother JC, arrived a little later and he ordered a beef noodle soup – I think this was very little on the spicy side. I didn’t have any but he said it was nice. He also finished the soup so I guess he liked it? haha. Again, the noodles are the same as the other ones, and JC said they were still very Q even though it’s in soup. 
Beef noodle soup
So, that was our yummy dinner from Kung Fu Kitchen. We ordered a lot, right? We only had 5 people eating!! We couldn’t finish everything and da-baoed the leftovers for lunch and dinner the next day. haha. 
I really like this place, and I’m definitely going to return for my Szechuan fix. This isn’t just because they have dan dan mien, but also because the flavours and the types of dishes just remind me of authentic way of Szechuan cuisine. I also love how they use a lot of coriander, spring onion and peanuts in their dishes which just adds another layer to the flavours.
I highly recommend this place to anyone who is a fan of Szechuan cuisine, especially those adventurous enough to eat giblets, tripe, and so on. Oh, and make sure you try the noodles! They’re seriously so good!

Kung Fu Kitchen
145 Newcastle St, 
PERTH, WA, 6000
0413 908 997

Thanks for reading!! ^^ Hope you all have a great weekend! I can’t wait – buffet lunch on Sunday! wooooot! haha..


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