[CNY 2012]: Day 7 (人日)

I was going through my backlog of posts and guess what I found? A super-delayed post from CNY!! haha oops..I’m not entirely sure how it slipped through the cracks but anyway, let me share with you our dinner on Day 7 of CNY this year =)

 Seems like angry birds is everywhere!!! haha. Those two children decorations look like our ones at home =P   

We tend to have pretty high standards for Chinese food and after sampling pretty much all the Chinese restaurants in Northbridge (and some in outer Perth), there is really only 2 places we frequent…one of them is this place, Luk Fook, or Northbridge Chinese Restaurant. This is seriously one of the best – service is lacking because they are usually extremely packed and busy – but seriously, nothing can beat their salted egg yolk snow crab (you’ll see why later in the post), so even bad service is forgiven (well, for me anyway).

We usually only head here for dinner – I’ve tried their dimsum before (years ago!) but I was pretty traumatised by the standard of the egg tarts that I dare not go back.

We hadn’t been to Luk Fook for a while, and since my sister was back for CNY, we decided to have our Day 7 dinner here – she doesn’t get snow crab in Zambia so it’s a must whenever she comes back.

Dinner was at 6:30pm – we arrived about 10mins early and look how packed it is already! Apparently during the CNY weeks, they had 3 rounds (i.e., the turnovers) of dinner whereas it’s usually 2 rounds.

We decided to order off the menu this time, rather than ordering a banquet like we usually do. Each person chooses one dish and we’re all set. That way, everyone has at least one thing they want to eat =)

So, let’s see what we ordered, shall we? I hope you’re not hungry…because this will make your stomach go ‘GIVE ME THAT!’ in no time =P haha.

 白切肉 with jellyfish, and pickled vegetables. This was an appetizer but also more for my brother GC who doesn’t eat crab, which was the main star of the show!

 The main star – Salted egg yolk snow crab!! THIS IS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE BEST IN TOWN! Heaps of salted egg yolk…YUM!!!

It’s so good that we have to look at it again, from another angle. haha.
 Black pepper steak. I didn’t eat any of this that night (too busy with the crab). I find restaurants use too much soda to tenderise the meat so there’s a huge loss in that meaty texture. The flavours of the sauce are nice but ordinary black pepper sauce flavours – though a bit salty for my liking.


 This is something new we ordered – sizzling oysters. SO GOOD! It reminds me of oyster egg – the oysters are bursting with freshness. If they were frozen, it’s hard to tell. Make sure you eat a couple straight away before they cook too much.

 Roasted pigeons with salt/pepper – YUM! My sister was craving this and it was so good! It came with the heads…which I ate. It’s actually pretty meaty.  

They call this Hokkien gold brick tofu (literally). It’s homemade egg tofu, fried, then topped with this delicious sauce laden with prawns, scallops, gailan stems, mushrooms, chicken meat, garlic…add some chilli, mix it with rice and you’re all set! 
 My favourite! Spinach with salted egg and pei dan (century egg). So good, and healthy way to eat vegetables…although I think mine tastes better =P LOL!! Our salted eggs are definitely nicer…

Everyone birthday, must have noodles! Fried yee mien (E-fu noodles). Just with mushrooms, ginger, spring onion. Yummy and the noodles were super-long and chewy =D

Our dinner was ‘disrupted’ by a lion dance!!! It was so fun and exciting! They put on a show for about 15-20 minutes I think and there were 2 lions, making their way from table to table to collect ‘lai see’ (ang pao). An old man from the affiliated association came around earlier to give out empty ones which you can fill with money with the intention of handing it to the lions. 
 This yellow lion ‘serviced’ our half of the restaurant for majority of the time.
I loved that there was a lion dance performance during the dinner. To be honest, I’ve spent nearly all of my CNYs in Perth (except for like 3?) and it’s just not as fun and exciting as spending it in HK. I wish there were more festivities for it here. But oh well, as long as the family is together, that’s most important!
 See the little go handing the lai see? So cute! haha. LOL at that waitress writing down an order =P 

Luk Fook usually serves complimentary fruits and dessert, which I forgot to take a photo of. I was sort of in a food coma after all that so my brain was half-asleep! haha. That night we had oranges, and sago with coconut milk. They didn’t have their delicious red bean soup (which is the best in town too) that night but instead had smiling cookies =) YUM! Which were a lot more crunchy and bigger than mine. I think next time I just need to fry them at lower temperature for a bit longer.

So that was our 人日 dinner! So much yummy food, right? Are you hungry yet? haha. I feel like salted egg yolk crab now ><!! haha.

Hope your 人日 was as fun as mine! Thanks for reading! ^^

龍年到了!! 恭喜發財, 新年快樂!

2 thoughts on “[CNY 2012]: Day 7 (人日)

  1. all the dishes look really good especially the crabs and the roasted pigeons! haha! i guess the waitress must have a difficult time getting the orders!


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