[CC cooks]: CNY 2012 – Day 15

Ok, let’s finish my CNY 2012 posts! Last one…only like >1 month late ><! oops. This is our dinner for Day 15 – the last day of CNY! I can't believe how quick the whole CNY period went. I was busy preparing baked goodies and pre-cooking preparations for the reunion dinner, then the next two weeks flew by and before I knew it, it was the last day already and I was making tong yuan!

Since we went overboard with the quantities of food for the reunion dinner, our Day 15 dinner consisted mainly of the ‘leftovers’, which we spruced up a bit.

 Cold platter – ‘fun yu‘, assorted lo sui meats and organs, jellyfish with sesame dressing. There’s also pickled vegetables under the mountain of jellyfish.
  Salmon sashimi – like a pseudo-lo hei
Shark’s fin soup – using imitation sharks fin (we used up our quota of real ones for the reunion dinner…haha)

  Mantou fish, one of those massive mantous I previously blogged about. 

 Our beloved dumplings!!! This time it’s just pork and cabbage (no prawns) since my brother GC no likey prawn.

 Leftover abalone, with added mushrooms. 

 Steamed red emperor – I love this! The best way to eat fish I reckon, and it was so worth me carrying it on my 1 hour journey home.

 Salted egg yolk prawn

Dessert time! Homemade black sesame tong yuan (orange) and store-bought peanut tong yuan (white), which was so much more Q than my ones…lol. 
So that was the last of our extravagant meals-filled CNY period! I was already thinking about what goodies to try out for next year…LOL!! Better restrain myself otherwise I can’t concentrate on my studies! haha. 
Anyway, this year was the first time I tried making tong yuan! I saw Jessie’s tong yuan on her blog and just couldn’t resist. I love eating tong yuan but I find the store-bought ones are just too sweet to be able to eat more than one. Plus, they’re not cheap eh!?! Mine weren’t too bad…the filling was good…fragrant and not too sweet, but the skin was a bit mushy. I’m not sure if it’s because I cooked it for a bit too long? I will definitely try this again and perfect the skin! Can’t wait to try different fillings too! 
Hope you all had a fantastic Day 15 dinner with your family and friends (though it passed so long ago!).
Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a great weekend, everyone!

龍年到了!! 恭喜發財, 新年快樂!

4 thoughts on “[CC cooks]: CNY 2012 – Day 15

  1. Ahhh! The mantou fishies loook way too cute to be eaten!And I miss shark fin's soup. So many places in S'pore now refuse to sell shark fin's soup! 😦 What a bummer. And, you're amazing. You spend most of CNY cooking and baking! I spent most of mine just eating. Haha!


  2. Aww, thanks Eunice!! No I'm definitely not that amazing! It's just I see so many recipes I want to try, I can't resist =P And CNY is a perfect time to cart off my bakes to others as gifts since we can't finish them in time…haha!

    Yeah a lot of places in HK and China have also stopped selling shark fin soup too I heard. We will all have to use the imitation one! Which I think is actually pretty good! hehe. Have a nice weekend!


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