[CC cooks]: Home-made pasta & my first award!

Hi everyone!! How was your weekend? Mine was spent recuperating from a busy week of work and study…it was so tiring and I’m STILL tired! haha. But still got to peel myself off of my comfortable bed to get to uni today. 

Ready to roll…

I made pasta!! The pasta noodles…sauce, everything was home-made! So yummy, though the sauce was a little bland for my family. oops. I don’t like to take too much salt, but my family has a higher tolerance for salty food than me.

Anyway, for someone who hardly eats pasta, this is an incredibly random thing to do. So what made me jump on the homemade pasta bandwagon? Well, we had A LOT of tomatoes. My Nan’s friend bought a box from the markets and she couldn’t finish them so she gave a massive bag to us, and while we like to eat tomatoes, there was just no way we could finish them before they go mouldy (the bag was seriously MASSIVE). Whenever we have so much of one thing, I tend to cook/bake something to get rid of them. One time Dad bought an even more massive box of strawberries and I was making strawberry tarts, smoothies, yoghurt popsicles, strawberry and rhubarb crumble…until it was all used up. I think my family was pretty happy when the strawberries were gone too – no more ‘eat this…NOW!’ orders from me =P haha.

Anyway, back to the pasta…

So, my Nan jokingly asked if I could bake something with tomatoes. Now, I usually bake sweet things and being an amateur baker, I wasn’t too ready to experiment with BAKING desserts using tomatoes (tomato chiffon? haha), so I decided to just cook pasta for dinner with fresh tomato pasta sauce. 

Then, I was like ‘well, since I’m spending time making pasta sauce, let’s just make our own pasta. Haha. Not sure WHERE the lines of logic are linked there but meh, it was a good opportunity for me to experiment with homemade pasta!

Slowly simmering away…

I’m ready to be cooked…
Aaaaaaaand I forgot to take a photo of the finished product =.=’ oops. It was pretty good – like I said before, the sauce was a bit bland but I added some chilli into mine (my family can’t take too much chilli) so I had that little kick and it was a nice. The homemade noodles were so much better than packet ones! They were pretty Q and the texture was so smooth and yum! 

Definitely something I’d try again one day – even when I don’t have a massive bag of tomatoes to make use of =P haha.


Now I’d like to share with you some good news! I was awarded the Liebster Blog Award from Jessie! Thank you, Jessie for passing the award to me. I was super-surprised when I read her post announcing her award. I haven’t been blogging for that long, and I always think other people’s blogs are so much more interesting and fun to read, that receiving an award is the last thing on my mind. So a huge thank you to Jessie (again..haha)!! I will definitely endeavour to cook/bake more and share my results and other interesting things with you all! Thank you all for reading my blog!!

Liebster in German means “Dearest” or “Favourite” 
A Liebster Blog Award is given to talented  and loved bloggers who have less than 200 followers.

Now I’d like to pass it on to 5 bloggers whose blogs I love to read, and find inspiring and/or talented!

1. Peng’s Kitchen
2. ReeseKitchen
3.Yummy Little Cooks
4. Eunice
5. Frozen Wings

I must say, it was SO HARD choosing just 5 bloggers! Now I know why Jessie broke the rule and added another 5 =P haha.

Thanks for reading!! ^^ Hope everyone has a great week ahead!!


13 thoughts on “[CC cooks]: Home-made pasta & my first award!

  1. Bravo to you for making everything from scratch..i thought of getting one noodles making machines too..the one that we use to make pan mee but i'm afraid that i will not make ofetn use of it. Thanks for sharing the award with me,accepting it with appreciation!!


  2. Hi hi, what an interesting posting! You know what, I've bought a cheap pasta maker from K-Mart & it is still sitting in the box. The instruction said should never wash it but I am so tempting,at least for the 1st time b4 using, what if there is grease still sticking on the pasta maker, no? Hmmm, please tell me what to do with yours? How do you make it clean b4 you use it?

    Is that hard to roll the pasta dough through the maker? I always saw the Master Chef competitors used it on tv, that's one of the main reasons why I bought it. Looks fun to do it, but in reality, is it really fun or more stress to do it, haha?

    Please tell me how long do you roll the dough at No.1, then do you increase the number gradually, do you use 2, then 3 & is 5 the best to use to get the usual thickness of pasta?

    Opps, may be I've asked for too many questions, hope you don't mind. I'm going to you tube to study more b4 I finally use it.

    My pleasure to give you the award. We all need motivation to keep on cooking/baking & giving the award is the least that I can do.


  3. oops…not sure what I did. I accidentally removed my own comment! haha. Well, this is what I said (from what I can remember)

    Thanks, Lena! I honestly don't make use of our machine very often either – this was a rare occasion! haha. But definitely will try to make more homemade noodles – it really does cut down the time taken to roll the dough.


  4. Haha, thanks Jessie! No, not too many questions!

    1. Washing? I didn't wash it with water because I'm afraid it will rust. I just wiped it down really well with a cloth and tissue (for those hard to reach places) before and after use. My dough didn't stick to the machine so no laborious scrubbing was needed. I didn't do this but you could also feed a tissue/paper through it to catch any residual grease.

    2. Hard to roll? It's actually quite fun! and quick! I found it a bit fiddly trying to hold the dough on one end and catch it on the other, but I think with practice, the process will be a lot smoother. With regards to the actual rolling, it wasn't difficult at all.

    3. Mine is from 0 (widest) – 9 (thinnest). I rolled it on 0 for about 2-3 times first to smoothen the dough, then I increased the setting and rolled once in each setting. I ended on 5 because I found 6 was just a bit too thin. I generally think it's personal choice – if you like thinner then of course can go higher setting. I think if I made lasagne sheets or papardelle, I would go with 6 or 7.

    I found the pasta dough wasn't sticky at all so I didn't actually have to add much flour each time I rolled, but if you are making other noodles (that use less egg), then remember to flour the dough before you roll each time. I tried plain dough first since it was my first time, but I saw a TVB show where they added a teaspoon of coffee powder to the dough which I found very interesting…next time I want to add some chilli powder or cracked black pepper. hehe.

    Does this answer your questions well enough? Hope it does!

    Hope you try it out one day! I think you will do a great job! Maybe your kids can also help you roll, I think they will find it fun.


  5. Hi girl, thanks for the lengthy answers, haha! OK, this info is really useful to me. I will bear this in mind. Told my hubby that I'm going to try it on Easter holidays. If 1st time fail, then hav time to try again, haha.

    Coffee powder? It always relates to dessert making but adding in pasta, interesting! Let you try first & share with us later.


  6. Haha, no worries, Jessie. I'm glad it was useful! If I try the coffee powder, will sure let you know but I will probably have to wait until Easter holidays too! I'm so busy at the moment.

    Oh, I forgot to mention I used this ratio for the dough – 1 egg for 100g plain flour (one serving). Happy pasta making (for April)! haha.


  7. sorry busybody here..you mentioned abt the ratio of the dough..you mean just mix the flour and egg, that's it? i hvnt tried making my own pastas before..so just asking? do you need to rest the dough after that before rolling?


  8. Hi Lena! Yup, it's just flour and egg. I think I added a tiny bit of water because I found it a bit hard to bring the dough together. I rested the dough for about an hour before rolling.


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