[Eating out]: 味中味 Endless Delights – Northbridge

How I wish Perth had more Chinese restaurants that specialise in different Chinese cuisines. Most of the restaurants serve Cantonese-style food, which I love, but sometimes I just need that Shanghai fix or Szechuan fix! haha. Luckily, there are more and more restaurants popping up that serve just this, and 味中味 is one of them. Have you been there before?

味中味, or Endless Delights, specialises in Szechuan cuisine and I absolutely LOVE Szechuan cooking, so I was so excited when this opened up a couple of years ago. The numbing peppercorns, the fiery chilli, the coriander…that all spells yum!

Went here with my family last month for dinner. Szechuan food is quite an adventure for most of them since Mum and Nan can’t actually take chilli, and my brothers have a relatively low tolerance and break out in sweat not long after they start eating =P But if you can’t take chilli, you can still eat here because there are some non-spicy foods on the menu, and 味中味 allows you to choose less-med-normal-extra spicy. I’d recommend sticking with normal though, because the dishes aren’t as tasty when they’re not spicy.

They’ve got some pre-prepared appetisers like beef shin, pork intestine, peanuts, etc. This is common in Szechuan cuisine, and they’re really nice. 味中味 doesn’t have a wide range, but still enough to make it hard to choose.

So, this is what we ate…

Pork stomach with chilli – this was pretty nice and fragrant, but a bit salty for my liking.

‘Saliva chicken’ (口水雞) – I didn’t really like this. Wasn’t chilli enough for me, and a bit salty. But the chicken was quite tender and smooth.

‘Lo sui’ beef shin – not bad, though I think our ‘lo sui’ meats are nicer =P LOL!

Shredded pork – quite nice, but very oily and salty.

Fish in chilli broth (魚) – not bad. The fish slices are only so-so (think it’s basa fillet) but the broth is gooooood. Red Chilli in Sydney still nicer though =P haha. So fussy, right?

Chilli-braised pork belly – I didn’t eat this, but it looks extremely oily. My mum said the fats weren’t melt-in-your-mouth enough.

‘Kai choi’ fried rice with fish floss – this is YUM! They fry the rice with mustard vegetable and top it with fish floss and crushed peanuts. How cute is the bamboo-style serving bowl? I love it.

The food at 味中味 is not bad but definitely not the best Szechuan I’ve had. It’s a little too salty for me and there’s just something missing in some of the dishes – I think it’s the fragrance of the herbs and spices. I prefer Kung Fu Kitchen which is literally 2 doors down from here (will post about this later).

I wish they had dan dan mien though! I was super-craving that when we went, but they don’t have that item on the menu =(

味中味 Endless Delights
145 Newcastle St,
PERTH, WA, 6000
(08) 9228 9778

Thanks for reading! ^^


4 thoughts on “[Eating out]: 味中味 Endless Delights – Northbridge

  1. Thank you, Jessie! Looking forward to sharing more things with you all through blogging! Now, to work out how to copy and paste this award…haha.


  2. Hi Nami! You know what? I actually had really good dan dan mien in Taiwan once…one of the best I've had! Have you had a chance to try it there? I love your latest chirashi post!


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