[Eating out]: Greenhouse – CBD

Woooooooah! Monday again. Hope everyone had a great weekend and is pumped up to start the week! hehe. This is such an outdated post! I’ve got such a massive backlog of posts…and more to write up too. I still have to write up our yummy and exciting dinner at Luk Fook on 七! 

But first thing on the list is…Greenhouse Perth.

Ever since my younger brother, GC went to Greenhouse, he kept raving about how cool it was. Add that to the numerous positive reviews I had read from other blogs, my curiosity was piqued. I actually walk past it quite a lot but never really had plans to go…until this day! The plan was to go get a haircut with GC because his hair was beginning to look like a mop, and my hair was so disastrously unstyled that it wasn’t safe to leave my hair down at any time. Then off to lunch at Greenhouse, then shopping around the city =)

 Greenhouse – Perth

Lunch was actually quite nice. You can tell Greenhouse uses fresh ingredients in their dishes, and the vibe is just so cool and funky! It’s a nice place to have lunch, or even just chill out over a cup of coffee or something.

I love how they dangle the bottles from steel rods with packaging straps
 Water cans…literally. Our glasses are refilled with these. 

GC ordered the pasta of the day which is housemade spelt pasta with chorizo and fennel. GC said Greenhouse actually mill their own flour too! GC thoroughly enjoyed this. I thought the chorizo would be better if it wasn’t diced into tiny little pieces but the pasta was still packed with flavour anyway.

Pasta of the day

I ordered the pig head, with herb salad and crab kimchi. This was pretty interesting, which is good because I ordered it to try something different. The pig head reminded me of the lo sui meats we cook at home but the deep-fried crumb exterior added a nice texture. I would’ve liked something more crunchy within the meat though…my first thought was to add pig ear but not sure whether that would suit Western palates much. The crab kimchi, while it definitely isn’t the best kimchi I’ve had (too salty and sour), provided a much needed sour taste to cut through the richness of the meat. The herb salad was delicious! I’ve come to like herb salads more and more lately.

Crumbed pigs head, crab kimchi, herb salad

Aaaaand, this is what happened to the two above dishes =P Needless to say, we enjoyed our lunch! haha.

 The remains…

With our full stomachs, it was time to shop and digest! We also got some icey ice later, which GC treated me to since I paid for lunch. So nice =) 

All in all, it was a great day with GC =) Pretty tiring but fun nevertheless. Plus, I got an awesome haircut! AND I stood my ground when my hairdresser suggested I colour my hair…good thing we had a lunch appointment booked so I actually had a true reason to refuse the offer =P haha.

Greenhouse is a pretty cool place to just chill out. They’ve got some interesting items on the menu too so if you’re ever near the area, pop in and have a look =)  I’d recommend making a reservation, even if it’s for 2 people because they get pretty busy around lunchtime.

Greenhouse Perth
100 St. Georges Terrace (right outside Enex 100),
(08) 9481 8333

Thanks for reading! ^^ Hope everyone has a great week!!


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