[CC cooks]: Mini Korean feast

 (Clockwise from bottom left): spring onion salad, pork & lettuce, japchae, ssamjang

There was one night where we (my younger brother GC & I) were left all alone at home. My sister was overseas for work, my older brother had other plans, and Mum and Dad had dinner plans with a family friend.

So, we had to fend for ourselves. A good thing is that we can eat what we want, which the others may not necessarily like. Mind you, the process of deciding was not easy! NOT AT ALL! It never is since I have so many cravings at once, and GC can never make up his mind easily. First, it was cold soba. Then, it was naengmyun (Korean cold noodles). Then, it was some sort of chicken dish with rice and veg. In the end, we decided to have japchae and pork wrapped in lettuce with ssamjang and spring onion salad. A mini Korean feast =) We found the pork in the fridge so decided to finish it off.

 白切肉 (pork) & lettuce to wrap

I’m so glad GC enjoyed the dinner. He’s a huge fan of Korean food and he especially likes how I make my ssamjang. The spring onion salad was a first but he said it tasted exactly like the one we have at Dae Jang Keum (YAY!). I’ve made japchae before but this time I added minced garlic to the sauce, and it was SO GOOD! So much more flavour.

Great, simple dinner!

Thanks for reading!! ^^ Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


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