[CC cooks]: CNY 2012 – Our tradition

Hi everyone! How has your week been? It’s still incredibly hot in Perth, which makes it so difficult to get work done when you’re sticky =S At least it’s not another heatwave like last week though!

一 breakfast

On 一, my family’s tradition is to eat dumplings, mantou and zhai (vegetarian dish) for breakfast. I’m not entirely sure why this is, we’ve just always done it and frankly, my Nan doesn’t even know! haha. Note to self: Ask them again in case they’ve just had a revelation =P 

The zhai is eaten as a symbol of cleansing the body.We had black fungus, fatt choi, red dates, glass noodles, lettuce, beancurd, dried lily bulbs, and usually mushrooms but we forgot to add it in. My Nan was too ‘gan cheung’!

Our dumplings are extra-special on this day too. Why? Because some of them are filled with something special so it’s like a lucky draw when we eat. 

What are they filled with? (Sterilised) 5cent coins because these represent money and wealth in the year to come, and red dates which represent blossoming success in love and relationships. Generally the ratio of ‘special’ dumplings to normal dumplings is 1:1, so it’s highly possible that you get lots of ’empty’ ones. It’s pretty fun when we eat, but it also means that if there’s one coin/red date left, someone stuffs themselves silly to find it! haha. 
With the mantou, we all share one big one which symbolises that we all stick together as a family for the next year, and that no matter what, we always have each other for support. My Nan and I made the mantou on CNY eve and we accidentally made them a little too big so everyone had to somehow find some space in their stomach for the mantou, the numerous dumplings, AND some of the zhai! So my Nan and I have taken a mental note to make them slightly smaller!
I’m not sure whether you can see the size of the mantou from the photo, but they were probably about 18cm in diameter and height. 

 3 massive mantous…bigger than my 2 fists combined!

So that’s our tradition for 一. What about your’s?

Thanks for reading!! ^^ 
龍年到了!! 恭喜發財, 新年快樂!

6 thoughts on “[CC cooks]: CNY 2012 – Our tradition

  1. Hi there, I can see that the buns were humongous & luckily you have the whole family to help to finish them! No wonder you named your blog as Dumpling Love, looks like you & your family are master in making dumplings!

    Happy CHinese New Year!


  2. Oh yes, I know a few others who practice full-day vegetarian on day 1. I think it is the traditional practice? I wouldn't mind eating Lo Hon Chai for the whole day! Your's looks so colourful and delicious too.


  3. Hi Jessie. haha yes, they were very big! My blog name is very fitting, isn't it? I love to eat dumplings…I could eat them day after day and not get sick of them! haha. We are actually eating them again on Monday! My sister is going overseas and it's our tradition to eat dumplings before we fly =P haha.


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