[CC cooks]: CNY 2012 – Reunion Dinner

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? There was more CNY celebrations this weekend for me. Saturday was 六 which is ‘yuen bo’ birthday so we ate dumplings for dinner (yes, more dumplings! YAY!!), then Sunday was 初七 which is everyone’s birthday so we had to eat noodles. Since my sister SC is back, we went to Luk Fook for a scrumptious dinner (will post about it) and ordered some ‘yee mien’ for longevity =) 

But anyway, let’s continue my CNY 2012 posts…today, it’s all about our massive reunion dinner!

 Our table…chockablock full of food!!

In our family, the Chinese New Year reunion dinner is one of the most important and ‘fung fu’ dinners of the year (along with the Winter Solstice). We usually go all out for the reunion dinner and have ‘bao sum chi to‘ (abalone, sea cucumber, shark fin, fish stomach).
I actually really like our family’s process of organising the food for the reunion dinner. This year, we decided on the menu about 3 weeks before CNY.
Then on the Wednesday before the reunion dinner, we bought all the meat and stuff that we needed and so began the preparations of our massive reunion dinner. We had meats and abalone to braise, shark fins and jellyfish to soak, abalone to braise, scallops to steam, and so on.

On the night before, there was more preparations – Dad and I made a smoked beancurd wrap for the cold platter. We prepared the shark’s fin a bit more, aaaand…I forgot what else. haha. There was just too much to do.

Then on the actual day of CNY eve (i.e., Sunday), we went to the markets to buy the vegetables we needed for the night, and for the rest of the week, and went to pick up some lobster for the reunion dinner, and a coral trout for the 2nd day of CNY where we welcome the new year.

So what did we cook? I’ll let the pictures do the talking! Ready?

‘pai chi’…shark’s fin. Each person had one bowl of this yummilicious goodness!

8 treasures cold platter – pig tongue, beef shin, pork leg, ‘fun yu’, pig stomach, chicken giblet, smoked vegetarian beancurd roll, jellyfish & salmon yusheng.


Scallop, dried oysters, fatt choi, kai choi (chinese mustard leaf)

溏心鮑魚 (‘tong sum bao yu’). This was SO GOOD! We caught our own abalone just for this dish. Braised for hours with chicken feet, pig skin, pork bones, and chicken bones.
Ginger & spring onion lobster. There’s 3 lobsters here.

Abalone (taken from our soup), sea cucumber on a bed of lettuce. 
Homemade soy sauce chicken. So good!
Ok. I have no idea what this is called in English but it’s called ‘hong siu dai yuen tai’. It’s braised pork shoulder.
Fried prawn (with wasabi mayo dipping sauce)
Steamed whole red emperor
Fish-shaped mantou (‘年年有餘), sui gao. 
We also had chicken soup with abalone, fish stomach, and golden mushrooms but I forgot to take a photo of that. I was too overwhelmed by the other food! haha. 
So that was the feast that Dad and I cooked up for the reunion dinner. It wasn’t too bad this year because we had a few braised dishes which meant they were already prepared and only had to be braised/steamed for a little bit more. The mantou was made by my nan a couple of days beforehand so they just had to be steamed.
There was so much food that we had enough leftovers to last us for the next 3 days! We believe that you can’t finish off a whole dish, you much leave some to welcome the new year as it symbolises that you’ll have plenty of food for the next year. But with this much food, it really wasn’t a problem to leave food in each dish! haha.
Hope you all enjoyed your reunion dinner and CNY celebrations too!!
Thanks for reading! ^^Have a great week, everyone!

龍年到了!! 恭喜發財, 新年快樂!

4 thoughts on “[CC cooks]: CNY 2012 – Reunion Dinner

  1. Haha! Thanks, Nami! Oh the shark fin was delicious…even better than having it in soup because it was just a WHOLE BOWL of it, with some sauce for flavour. I think we've used up our shark fin budget for the year with that one dish =P haha.


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