[CC bakes]: CNY 2012 Bakes

Hi everyone! How has your week been so far? We’re experiencing a heatwave in Perth and it’s SO HOT! But good thing there is good weather for CNY, right?

I spent the whole of last week preparing things for CNY and our reunion dinner. It was a lot of work, but I LOVE IT! I love CNY. I love the tradition, and I love the festivities. It’s a lot more toned down here than in Hong Kong but nevertheless, it’s great having the whole family together during this time. My sister SC managed to come back for it this time from her overseas job so that was an added bonus (We hadn’t seen her for 3 months before this weekend!).

Anyway, I decided to make some goodies for CNY this year for us to eat, and to share with friends who visit us and whom we visit. I see so many delicious recipes on various blogs, I just couldn’t resist trying them out! haha.

So this is the small CNY stash I made for this year =)

 Peanut cookies. These literally melt in your mouth! So fragrant, so good! (recipe here)

 Almond cookies (recipe here)

 ‘Siu hao sun hoi’ Smiling mouth cookies (recipe here). Mine weren’t very crunchy…unlike store-bought ones. Maybe I made them too big or didn’t fry for long enough?

 Tried my hand at making pineapple tarts. Well, ‘pineapple’. They sure don’t look like pineapples! haha. Must practice more! I made my own jam based on what I’ve tasted in Singapore (my boyfriend JS’ Aunt’s jam tastes SO GOOD!). I used this dough to wrap but added more flour because I don’t like it too buttery. 

 Mini pork floss rolls with seaweed & sesame seeds (thanks, Jessie for the idea!)

BAKKWA!!! (recipe here)
So that’s the bakes I made for CNY. Favourites were the almond cookies, pork floss rolls and bakkwa. I think my sister SC finished the pork floss rolls already…I saw an empty container this morning =P haha. 
Omgoodness the bakkwa. SO GOOD! We haven’t had it for at least a year so it was so good to find such a simple recipe (Thanks so much, Sonia!). It tasted fantastic!
Stay tuned for my post about our reunion dinner! 
Thanks for reading! ^^ Enjoy the rest of the week!
龍年到了!! 恭喜發財, 新年快樂!

6 thoughts on “[CC bakes]: CNY 2012 Bakes

  1. Haha! Thanks for your comment, Edith! There were just too many recipes I wanted to try! But I didn't make TOO many of each type, in case of failure! =P


  2. Hi there, I missed out reading this blog earlier! You've made so many varieties of CNY cookies/snack!

    Sonia's bakkwa is the best. Though I haven't tried other recipes but once I've found a good one, let's just stick with it, agree?

    Thanks for trying my pork floss mini spring rolls.

    Next time would love to try out the recipes of the peanut cookies & the smiling mouth cookies. My son is allergic to peanut though, may be I should only make a small batch for ourselves.


  3. Hi Jessie, I didn't realise how many varieties there were until I blogged it! haha. My sister said she put on 2kg just by looking at them..haha!

    I also haven't tried other bakkwa recipes but Sonia's one worked perfectly for me so yes, let's just stick with her one! =)

    Oh since your son is allergic to peanut, just make small batch and hide it very very well!


  4. Hi CC,

    wow! I didn't know I was linked to this blog, but thanks for linking! 🙂 I can't believe you made all these goodies for CNY, and seriously, u made your own bbq pork??? AWESOME! After pineapple tarts, bakwa hits my fav list of CNY yummies! I wish I chanced upon you earlier so I could have at least made a few home-made goodies instead of buying them at such exorbitant prices!

    I might just try bakwa next year, or even when I have the time! 😉 No one says you can only eat bakwa during CNY right?



  5. Hi Eunice! Thanks for dropping by! I love reading your blog!

    haha…the only way I can have bakkwa is if I make it myself (it's so rare in Perth, WA), and I'm sooooo glad it's simple to make! You should definitely try it one day and of course, bakkwa is not only reserved for CNY! haha.


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