Margaret River 2011: Day 6

Hi everyone! How has your week been? I can’t belive it’s Friday already! This week has gone pretty quick, perhaps because of all the Chinese New Year preparations I’ve been doing. I’ll post about them asap, but first, let me share Day 6, our last full day of our Margaret River trip with you! 

We only had a few planned stops today, but the day lasted just as long as Day 5 (which was jampacked with different stops!).

We first stopped at Xanadu Wines, where Dad yet again bought more wine =P haha. I think that brought our total to 9 bottles this trip?  It was extremely hot today…the sun was shining (a little TOO) brightly so I gladly welcomed the airconditioned cellar of Xanadu. haha.

A part of the selection of coffee beans at Yahava.

Armed with our new bottles of wine, we headed to the Yahava Coffee Company. Yahava coffee is supposedly really nice (I have no idea because I don’t drink coffee) and Dad has become increasingly interested in coffee in the recent years so this was an extremely exciting pit stop for him! haha. Mum and Dad tasted and bought some coffee beans. I tried the Chai Latte syrup where you just mix it with milk. Unfortunately, it was way too sweet for me and the spices weren’t fragrant enough =( Oh well.

The cookie company was right next store so we popped in there, but it was just too hot to eat heavy buttery biscuits. They have heaps of different types that all look so cute so if you’re a fan of cookies, this would be a worthwhile stop for you =)

Then, onto the Berry Farm!! I remember we went here YEARS ago. It’s a really nice place. There’s a small cottage that acts as the restaurant, which gives off a really homely atmosphere. The cellar door where the berry wines/liquers, and preserves are sold is a very short walk from the restaurant and packed full of jams and preserves that are made on-site. They’re really nice too.

Map of the Berry Farm

 We went here for lunch

Walking towards the Cottage Cafe. 

We decided to have lunch here because it was starting to get late. The menu selection was pretty good in my opinion, it was actually a difficult choice! haha.

Dad: Smoked salmon, tomato and feta cheese tartlet, gourmet salad garnish and aioli. Dad didn’t realise the smoked salmon was in the tart, but otherwise he said it wasn’t bad. I don’t think anything would live up to the smoked salmon from Providore for him though =P hehe.

Mum: Prawn & Avocado salad with salad garnish. There was a bit too much avocado in this for her liking so I ended sharing my meal with  Mum.

JC: Scotch fillet steak sandwich, marinated in red wine, garlic, seeded mustard, EVOO and fresh herbs on Turkish bread with aioli, garden salad and Berry Farm Indian Tomato Relish. It looks pretty good, right? I think JC said it was nice and very filling.

GC: Beef and red wine pie, premium South-west beed slow-cooked in red wine, garlic, and herbs with garden salad and Berry Farm Indian Tomato Relish. GC loved this. He said it was really heavy but the beef was really melt-in-your-mouth and full of flavour. I had a bit of the beef and it was soooo tender. The relish is super-nice too.

Me: Gourmet mushroom salad. Field mushrooms stuffed with roasted capsicums and homemade pesto, served with a salad of spinach, parmesan, sundried tomato, artichoke and balsamic reduction. Omgoodness this was so good! Once I saw ‘field mushrooms’, I just couldn’t resist this (I love mushrooms! haha). The mushrooms were so juicy and the pesto was really nice. I loved their sundried tomatoes and the artichoke in the salad. Perfect for such a hot day. Good thing I shared with Mum because this was massive – There was 5 mushrooms and a mountain of salad. So nice.

After lunch, we browsed the cellar door where we bought 2 more bottles of wine.

How cool is this light? It’s at the cellar door. Glass water bottles on top and small dressing bottles hanging at the bottom.

That’s all that we had planned for today. Not many stops, eh!?! But by the time we left the Berry Farm, it was already 4ish so we decided to head back and go to the beach!

Initially it was just me and GC going, but we managed to rope everyone into going =) I’m not entirely sure how we did it, but it was such a good idea because it was extremely fun! The waves were small, but very strong. If you stood in the water, the current would just push you front and back. We were literally getting pummelled by the water and pushed up the sand, especially Mum! haha. IT was so funny. We were all being rolled up the sand. This was easily the best time of our whole trip! I loved it! It’s so rare that we all go to the beach, especially together, so it was nice that everyone just got to relax and have fun. 

We decided to eat out at Seagardens but it was only so-so. I think only their pizza is good.

 Dad: Small supreme pizza 

Mum/to share: Hawaiian pizza
JC: Fish & chips. This was HUGE! I had some of the fish and it was quite nice. 
GC: Penne with pesto. Although it looks really colourful and tasty, GC said it was really bland and there was no pesto taste at all. 
Me & Aunty: Grilled salmon salad. We both weren’t very hungry so decided to share. This was pretty disappointing. The salmon was tasteless and overcooked, and the greens were covered in the oil from cooking the fish. 
We watched the sunset as we ate and then went for a short stroll afterwards…and nearly got lost after we missed the pathway we were supposed to take. haha.
The setting sun…oops. the photos are wonky =S Sorry!
Then it was back to the villa to pack our belongings, play mahjong and watch some movies =)

Yet another nice day out with my family =)

Hope you enjoyed reading about our adventures!

Thanks for reading! ^^

More on my Margaret River 2011 trip! 


2 thoughts on “Margaret River 2011: Day 6

  1. Thanks, Jessie! I'll post them up soon. I've got a huge backlog of posts! haha. Especially CNY ones. Hope you had a great celebration with your family! 恭喜發財!


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