Margaret River 2011: Day 5

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? All ready to power through another week? haha. My weekend went so quick – I didn’t even realise what the time was for most of it. haha. Managed to bake some goodies which I’ll share with you (hopefully) soonish.

But first, let me get on with Day 5 of our Margaret River adventures first!

At the beach in the morning for a quick swim and soak in the sun. So relaxing. I think I fell asleep for a short while as well. haha.

So Day 5 was pretty jampacked with places to go, and it was HOT! Our first stop was to Vasse Felix, which was such a beautiful and dainty little cellar. I think the building looks really cute in that vast open area.

 From the entrance of the cellar door. Love these benches!

It was a little TOO early for wine-tasting (for me), so I just walked around exploring the cellar and restaurant while Dad and JC tasted.

I spotted these interesting looking chairs and couldn’t help snap a pic. I didn’t sit in them so no idea whether they’re comfortable or not! haha (they don’t look too comfortable though…)

So that’s it for Vasse Felix. Armed with 2 new bottles of wine, we head to our next stop which is…(thinking…haha!)…Evans & Tate. 

More wine-tasting here. I’m not a huge fan of the wines from Evans & Tate so I didn’t taste much. It was nice to cool down in their cellar door though, because it was SO HOT outside!

Dad bought 3 more bottles of wine (we bought a lot of wine today! haha)

Next was Sandalford which is literally 2kms from Evans & Tate. I was actually really surprised when I saw the cellar door because it is so tiny! I’ve been to the one in Swan Valley which is huge and just beautiful but this one is so small. I’m thinking the one in Swan Valley is the main cellar door. Does anyone know?

By now, time was creeping up on us and it was time for lunch! After adding another 2 bottles of wine from Sandalford to our collection, we headed to Providore for lunch. 
My friend, KT, swears by Providore whenever he goes to Margaret River. It’s a must for him, so I was pretty excited to go here. Providore grows their own herbs, fruits and vegetables which they use in the restaurant and their preserves and spice mixes. The garden is to the right of the building and it is SO COOL!! We also grow our own vegetables so I was super-excited to walk around the garden!! haha.
My favourite! Sweet corn. I want to try growing these at home too. 

One of the many cherry tomato plants with heaps of tomatoes =) 
They also had zucchini, capsicum, chilli, rhubarb, beetroot, cucumber, and a lot more that I can’t remember anymore…oops! haha. 
 The restaurant part of Providore.

Free tastings!!!! My favourite! haha. These were syrups, sauces and jams. On the other side to the right are the savoury dips and oils.

 Ok. It’s hard to see the size of this muffin from the photo, but it was MASSIVE! It’s like a muffin bomb or something. I couldn’t resist taking a picture. haha. 

Time for lunch!!! Let’s see what we ate. 
 This is what they use for table numbers – so creative, eh?

Lunch at Providore was like a causal cafe-style. A lot more relaxed than yesterday’s lunch at Voyager Estate. But it was SO GOOD! This is what we all ate.
Dad: House-smoked salmon salad with poached free-range eggs and buttermilk dressing. Dad loves smoked salmon and thoroughly enjoyed this. It was his first time eating smoked salmon like this – he’s only ever eaten the ‘raw’ kind and he loved this one so much that he was still raving about it a couple of days later. haha. I had some salmon and it was just divine. Soooo good. Typing this is making me want to eat it now! haha. 

 Mum: pan-fried gnocchi, carrot puree, almond, herbs. I didn’t try this but Mum said it wasn’t too bad. She said the gnocchi was a bit dough-y though and not much potato taste =(

JC & GC: slow-cooked lamb with chickpea mash. This was so good! The lamb was so tender and the nuttiness of the chickpeas was just delicious! I can imagine it was a pretty heavy dish but nothing my brothers can’t finish. haha. On the downside, the lamb was a bit too salty. 

Me: organic beet, kytren goats curd, walnut, herb salad. This is actually an entree but it was pretty big! I was so full after this! I ordered this because I’ve never had beetroot before and I have to say, I LOVE IT! haha. I heard beetroot can taste a bit muddy but these ones were refreshing and sweet. There was beetroot puree, julienned beetroot and the chunks of beetroot (are they pickled, or roasted, or steamed? I have no idea!). The walnuts went really well with the herbs and the beetroot, and I’m a sucker for nuts so I love them anyway. haha. This was so good, that it was my favourite non-homecooked meal of the whole trip.
I don’t know why but I don’t have photos of the squid entree and thrice-cooked chips (boiled, blanched, and fried). The squid was pretty good – wasn’t oily or overcooked. It came with a side of potato salad which was so good! It had a lemon-based dressing with dill. I don’t like dill but it was such a unique potato salad, I couldn’t help eating more! haha.
The chips were amazing! It came with Providore chilli tomato sauce, and aoili. Fluffy inside with crunchy exterior. I love that they kept the skin on the potatoes too! I love chips like that!
After lunch, we walked around a bit again to digest before our next stop…The Margaret River Chocolate Company! 

The shelves behind the counter are stocked with packs of chocolate-coated goods (e.g., ginger, apricot, honeycomb, etc). To the right, there’s podiums filled with chocolate. This is, simply put, a chocolate haven for all chocolate-lovers. 
Something I learnt on this trip is that Providore and the Chocolate Company are owned by the same people!! That’s probably also why they’re a one minute drive apart…haha. 
Luckily I was so full from lunch that I didn’t gorge on the free chocolate tastings – they have 3 large metal bowls, each filled with either milk/white/dark chocolate. We did sit down for some coffee (Dad & JC), and GC got mint choc ice-cream. They source their ice-cream from Simmo’s which is so yum! It was so smooth and full of mint flavour. 
We made a quick stop to Margaret River Nuts & Cereals since it was on the way and I’m a huge fan of nuts. Dad loved the BBQ peanuts so we bought some of that. 
Then, to the Margaret River Dairy Company we went! We mainly wanted to stop here to buy cheese and I wanted Dad to taste the yoghurt, which is really nice and creamy. My Aunty bought some vintage cheddar, and we bought some smoked cheddar and port cheddar for my Nan to try.

Then…to my favourite stop of the day…Millers Ice-creamery!!!!! Omgoodness I was SO EXCITED about this stop too! What ice-cream lover can resist this? Ice-cream that is churned using milk from cows that are milked twice a day. I’m seriously not exaggerating when I say this is one of the best ice-creams that I’ve had. 

 This is the cottage where they sell the ice-cream. It’s tiny, but so cute and houses the delicious ice-cream! haha. 
The flavours available that day. 
All the flavours available sounded so delicious that is was so hard choosing one to try. Luckily though, they had a taste plate where you can choose your eight flavours! With no hesitation, we opted for this…and this is what we chose (how cute is it? It comes in an plate that looks like a 4-egg egg carton.
 Front cup: Mint choc chip, Cowtown coffee (made with Yahava coffee)

 Front cup: Mango coconut, Wildberry
 Front cup: Peach and orange yoghurt, Lime and toasted coconut

 Front cup: Rocky road, Choc Malt

Every single scoop was SO. FREAKING. DELICIOUS! Seriously. Omgoodness, so good! My favourite was the peach and orange yoghurt which just had a really strong yoghurt flavour which I love. But seriously, everything was so nice and the flavours were just bursting with each mouthful. The ice-creams melts really quick, especially in the hot weather but I think mostly because it’s so creamy. It’s incredibly smooth and even when you’re tummy is bulging, you can’t help but keep dipping your spoon in for more. It is THAT good. 
 The aftermath. I did say it was good, didn’t I? haha. 

Anyone going to Margaret River MUST stop here. They also have a small retail shop in town (but alas, I didn’t get a chance to go before we left to go back home =( next time…). 
Anyway, I’ll stop raving about the ice-cream now. Our last stop for the day was the Venison Farm. Remember I mentioned Dad liked the venison chorizo we had at Voyager Estate? Well, this is the reason why we stopped at the Venison Farm…to buy some. Haha. 
They let us taste some other chorizo like a mixed Emu & Kangaroo (which is pretty nice too!) and some other one I can’t remember. We just bought 3 of the venison chorizo though, since that’s what we came for. Surprisingly, it’s not as salty as the one we had at Voyager.
Before we knew it, it was reaching 4pm so we decided to head back. All the driving and pit stops is actually quite tiring! haha. I went swimming and fishing with Dad when we got back to Prevelly. Fishing was unsuccessful…and because of that, I found it realllllly boring! haha. It was nice to just talk with Dad, but omgoodness, I really admire those who can just sit there fishing for hours on end. Maybe if I caught something, I would’ve enjoyed it..haha! 
So that was our jampacked Day 5! We made a lot of stops, didn’t we? It was so fun though! Tiring and hot, but so fun seeing all these different places. Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures! Sorry there’s so many! I hope it didn’t slow your computer down too much! 
Stay tuned for Day 6! Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a great week, everyone!

More on my Margaret River 2011 trip! 


2 thoughts on “Margaret River 2011: Day 5

  1. I enjoy reading all your adventure at Margaret River. We are thinking of going there for a short holidays and love all the recommendations in your post.


  2. Hi Zoe, thanks for dropping by! I'm glad you enjoy reading the posts! Margaret River is a good place for a short holiday. I'm not sure how old your kid(s) is/are but some places like Millers and the chocolate company has a playground and kid-friendly games. Even the Venison farm has a toy box. I saw a small boy just sitting there quietly playing while his parents taste-tested. haha.


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