Margaret River 2011: Day 4

Day 4 is when we started to really explore the Margaret River region, since most wineries and attractions were open again. We had a lunch reservation at Voyager Estate but other than that, we took it easy.

I wanted to take advantage of both the free time I had and the lovely weather, so I headed down to the beach this morning with Dad. While he was busy being an adventurous little boy looking for abalone in the reefs, I was having fun enjoying the sunshine, watching people trickle in to the nearby cafe and being my Dad’s lifeguard.

 This is the beach we were at – how clear is the water? Amazing. 

 The lovely blue sky – no photoshop, or any special filters used. 

The front of the beachside cafe – playing around with the Sepia filter on my camera

My Dad, though successful in catching some abalone, got completely soaked. Even in low tide. Sometimes I wonder whether he really is 50+ or not. haha. But it’s good he still has the energy and excitement!

So what else did we do today? Well, after cooking a breakfast feast for the rest of our family, we set out for our first stop – Mammoth Cave, a limestone cave that houses fossil remains of Pleistocene fauna that are over 35,000 years old (from Wikipedia)

Exploration of the cave itself is a self-guided tour. We get these headsets to wear and enter the numbers of each station point and a recording will explain what is of interest at those points. I think it’s a great idea because then you can walk around at your own pace and stop to take photos as you wish.

Let me share some photos of the inside of the cave with you! I’m always amazed by the structure of the caves – the wonders of nature. I’m still figuring out the best settings for my camera to shoot in low-light conditions so apologies if the pictures aren’t that clear!

The cave was surprisingly small. I was actually a bit disappointed because it’s marketed in the brochures as a cave that houses fossils but there were only a few. But overall, it was still a beautiful walk through the cave.

HEAPS of stalactites!

 Moss growing on the rocks/ground because of the sunshine at the exit end of the cave. 

Well, we’ve done our exercise by exploring the cave and climbing the stairs, so what to do? EAT! haha. We headed to Voyager Estate for some wine-tasting and lunch. None of the wines were to our liking so we didn’t buy any. We did buy the sparkling non-alcoholic grape juice though. We bought those YEARS ago, and they’re still as good.

 Voyager Estate Cellar Door

Lunchtime! It was delicious! My friend recommended to eat here and it was a great idea! Thanks, KT!

Restaurant. I love the whole look of the place!


Breads & Spreads – Providore tomato chilli sauce, Kalamata olives, eggplant kasundi, olive oil + balsamic vinegar, dukkah, venison chorizo, toasted turkish bread.
Omgoodness, everything on this antipasto plate was SO GOOD! The olives were really nice and not salty. The eggplant kasundi was so good! It had some Indian spices and was delicious on its own. I found the venison chorizo very salty but it was still good. Dad liked it so much, we went to the Venison farm to buy some! haha. 
 BBQ glazed pork belly on Japanese salad. 
This didn’t blow me away. The sauce was too sweet for me…sickeningly sweet.

Dad’s main: Grilled pork cutlet, spiced Nannup peaches with potato fondant and apple cider dressing.  I didn’t have any of this but Dad said it wasn’t bad.

Mum’s main: Market fresh fish with light saffron broth and orange and fennel. The fish was pink snapper (I think…can’t really remember). Mum said the fish was nice, but the sauce was odd. I think it’s an acquired taste – we’ve never eaten anything with saffron before.

Aunty & JC’s mains: Char-grilled tenderidge eye fillet with crushed potatoes and salsa verde, confit of cherry tomatoes and balsamic eschallots.  JC gave a bit of beef to me to eat and it was SOOOOO GOOD! So tender! Both my Aunty and JC loved the mains. My Aunty especially liked the potato which can absorbed the steak juices as she ate. JC didn’t like the eschallots so they came to me – they were yum!

 GC’s main: Margaret River venison with onion and taleggio tart and beetroot herb salad. It was GC’s first time tasting venison and while he said it was interesting, he preferred beef. He didn’t like the herb salad so I traded mine with his. I had a bit of the venison and it was a nice flavour and quite tender.

My main: Crispy duck breast, cherry mint and watercress and cherry glaze. This was nice but the sauce was extremely sweet. I loved the cherries on top of the duck though.

Dad and JC had a latte and a cappuccino, respectively. JC has become a bit picky with his coffee and said it was so-so only. My Aunty had a chai tea latte with milk, which was not spicy enough. Their honey was nice though. haha.  

We walked around the estate about bit more after lunch to take some photos (to burn the calories more like it! haha). Voyager Estate is one of the most picturesque vineyards in the region and it’s so nice to browse around the gardens, with their impeccably trimmed hedges and pathways. 

 Entrance to the cellar door (the main building that houses the wine sales and restaurant)


 One part of the two rose gardens. The roses were lovely and fragrant. I never noticed the huge difference in the fragrance of the different types!

We also headed to Leeuwin Estate which is just down the road from Voyager Estate. We didn’t taste any wine here because we were too full, and we aren’t big drinkers so the wine-tasting at Voyager was actually enough for us. haha. 
It was starting to get quite late as lunch went for quite long so we headed back to town to buy some supplies to cook for dinner and tomorrow’s breakfast. We decided to roast sweet potato, and corn in the woodfire for dinner. We also bought some bread which I turned into garlic bread for dinner.
JC decided to cook sausages in the woodfire. He wrapped it up in alfoil and just threw it in there. It was actually quite successful he said…hehe. I’m loving the charcoal flavour of the woodfire! 
Went for a walk after dinner and watched the sunset at the beach, before calling it a night. 
So that was our adventures of Day 4!
Thanks for reading! ^^ I hope the pictures didn’t make your computer lag!
Have a fantastic weekend, everyone! Not long until Chinese New Year! YAY! 
More on my Margaret River 2011 trip! 

2 thoughts on “Margaret River 2011: Day 4

  1. Thanks for your comment, Nami! I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures of the cave – I love walking through caves. It's just so amazing how they are formed over time. I can imagine how interesting it would be for you to visit caves!


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