Margaret River 2011: Day 3

We didn’t have any plans set out for Day 3 of our trip and after the tree-climbing, swimming and fishing yesterday, we decided to just relax and explore Prevelly and the Margaret River town centre.

We first went to the town centre and thank goodness some stores were open for the boxing day sales. I have to say, it was a lot more leisurely than going to the boxing day sales in Perth! There’s no crazy pushing and shoving going on, since there aren’t actually that many stores. hehe. So we had a wander through the different stores and there was this really cool store that sold all sorts of things! Souveniers, clothing, bakeware, crockery, ornaments, pottery, and so on. It was like a tiny little department store and nursery.

There was a small village market going on with some local products – local fresh produce, marinated olives (we bought some chilli and garlic ones), napery, and so on. I love walking through markets and bazaars so it was interesting, albeit small so it didn’t take us very long.

We had a BBQ lunch at ‘home’, with our chicken, beef and an awesome salad! Then it was off to the beach for some more swimming and fishing! It was sooooo cold though! I tried to warm myself up in the sun but was unsuccessful =(

Here are some pictures of the beach we went to. This is the one that’s a 5min walk from our villa. I just noticed the sky is really clear and blue. Not a single cloud. Yet it was so cold and windy ><!!

 Tiny bright orange crab GC and I found. I love the colour, but unfortunately it was dead. 

 Playing around with the filters on my camera. 

Argh! I got mixed up with the days! Dad caught a fish today, not yesterday! So sorry, everyone! I’ve amended the Day 2 post. Anyway, so we baked it in the fireplace with lemon, chilli, ginger, garlic and spring onion and it was sooo nice. The charcoal flavour from the woodfire permeated the meat. It’s like those charcoal fish head steamboats I had in Singapore. YUM! And plus, the flesh was super smooth and soft. 

After dinner we just watched Jurassic Park 3 and Rise of the Planet of the Apes (the latter is surprisingly interesting).

So that was our nice relaxing day for Day 3! We needed to recharge ourselves for our adventures for the next couple of days!

Thanks for reading! ^^

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8 thoughts on “Margaret River 2011: Day 3

  1. Thanks for dropping by, Christy! I see you have been to many many places! So lucky! Margaret River feels a bit like Swan Valley but a much wider region…hopefully you can visit Perth again one day and make a trip to Margaret River.


  2. Thanks for your comment, Quay Po! I've been following your blog for a while now. Haha yes, the fish was fantastic – nothing beats fresh fish with fresh ingredients =)


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