Margaret River 2011: Day 2

Yet another week in 2012! How quick did the weekend go, eh? Did everyone have a good weekend? Mine was jampacked with things to do, people to see and places to go! Phew! It was tiring but oh so fun! haha. Baked a few things (pandan cake, choc chip muffins, white choc + cranberry cookies), met up with some friends, and went out for dinner with my family…I’ll post about that later.

For now, let me share the adventures of Day 2 of our trip to Margaret River!

Day 2 coincided with Christmas Day, which meant everything was closed. All the wineries and attractions we wanted to go to were closed in Margaret River, and so were the shops in town. So we decided to take this day to drive to Pemberton (about 2 hours from Margaret River) to see/climb the Gloucester Tree.

For those readers who don’t know, Gloucester Tree is a 72m-tall Karri tree in the Gloucester National Park, that used to be used as a fire-lookout tree. There’s a lookout platform about 58m above the ground and you climb up there by stepping on the 153 spikes that have been pegged into the trunk of the tree (taken from Wikipedia).

We packed some lunch since we knew nothing would be open. We had cooked some ‘lo sui’ pork and beef prior to our trip so I just sliced them up so we could sandwich them in our mantou (which I grilled…and proceeded to forget about them, hence the burn marks..oops! haha). There was also a yummilicious salad with homemade honey mustard dressing.


‘Lo sui’ meat and salad

With full bellies, and lots of energy, we proceeded to begin out 3km walk to Gloucester Tree! It was so exciting!

Part of the 3km walk. See that steep hill? Yes, we had to walk up that. =.=’

Getting closer and closer to our destination!!
The walk took us along the main road, then through the forest which was filled with Karri trees, some native plants and lots of dandelions for some reason. I’m not sure why there was such an abundance of them in the forest. 
 And…we’re here! This is Gloucester Tree, everyone! See the spokes? That’s what you climb on…which is why…

 …they have this sign.

Anyway, so up we go! First up was my younger brother, GC who was surprisingly quick at climbing! haha. We were all a bit taken aback by his speed since he’s the more sedentary one out of us kids! Then it was my Dad, then my Aunt who was fearing for her life every step of the way. But she got to the top! She was going to turn back but then Dad (who had reached the top) told her there wasn’t much further to go. Except his ‘much’ was a lot more than my Aunt imagined! She got conned! haha. Then I went up next and then my brother JC. Mum went up but turned back after a little while so she waited for us at the bottom and guarded our bags.

 I took this not long after I started climbing.

I think it took me about 10 minutes to reach the top. It wasn’t too hard but your arms do get a bit sore by holding on to the spikes so that you don’t fall. But it was all worth it because this is what you are greeted with at the lookout.

 The view from the top.
360 degree views of Gloucester National Park. Isn’t it just beautiful? The weather was perfect that day too. 
After snapping a few shots to prove that we reached the top (alive!), we all headed back down. I actually find going down harder than climbing up, but I was the only one in my family to think that. Everyone else said going down was a lot easier!
Climbing the tree is really fun and well worth it. It’s such a different experience, and you get this sense of accomplishment once you reach the top, like JC who actually has a fear of heights. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for something exciting and out-of-the-ordinary. There’s two other trees like this, but we didn’t go to them. 
After the climb, we headed back to the car and decided to drive back to Margaret River since we wanted to go fishing and swimming.
Unfortunately, my Dad’s fishing expedition wasn’t very successful and we left empty-handed. So with no fish for dinner, we instead had some mantou, grilled chicken, grilled beef, sausages and salad for dinner (all of which I forgot to photograph because I was super-hungry. haha). 
Just relaxed after dinner, and watched some TV…played some mahjong!! haha. Yes, we brought a mahjong set to play at night…how Asian!

Oh, before I finish up the post, here are some photos of the beaches in Prevelly. I went exploring with Dad in the morning since everyone was still asleep. It was low tide, and the water was crystal clear! So pretty.

Look at the sea creatures we found in the reefs!

Abalone…yum! We have licenses to catch abalone so we actually went back the next morning to get some more.

 Sea urchin. Don’t worry, we put these back in the water very carefully.

And this! Anyone want to guess what this is? I was surprised when Dad told me what it was.

So that’s it for Day 2! Stay tuned for Day 3!

Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a great week ahead, everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Margaret River 2011: Day 2

  1. Thanks for dropping by, Benji! The Gloucester Tree experience was fantastic…definitely worth my excitement! Too bad we didn't have enough time to take the other hiking paths. Everywhere we went in Margaret River was great..have a look at my other posts if you have time =)


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