A new beginning…

Hi everyone!!! How was everyone’s Christmas and New Years celebrations? Hope it was filled with lots of fun and laughter! I went to Margaret River with my family for a week over the Christmas break, which is the reason behind my lack of posts lately, but I’ll write those up as soon as I can and share my adventures with you!

In the meantime, let me share the following pictures with you. When I saw this, it just broke my heart. Some of you may have heard about the fire disaster in Margaret River that happened last month. It was supposed to be part of the controlled burning scheme, but strong winds soon rendered the fire out-of-control. The result was this. These pictures are from Prevelly, a small town a few kms away from the Margaret River township.

When I heard/read about the fire in the news, I didn’t realise the extent of the damage. But then I saw the scenery as I explored Prevelly and I was absolutely shocked by how bad it was. I saw some houses burnt down, and some where the fire damage was stopped right at their doorstep. It was not only Prevelly, but many other parts of the Margaret River region too. My heart just broke when I thought of the residents standing there watching their beautiful surroundings and homes being engulfed in flames.ย 

A good thing is that there is quite of lot of new growth already. In some areas, you can see some green sprouts amongst the blackened trees (like the last pic). There is sign of new life in amongst the damage. I truly hope the residents of the Margaret River region will be able to experience the beautiful greenery in their township once again.

Thanks for reading!! ^^ I’ll try post about the rest of my trip soon.


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