[CC cooks]: Korean-style spicy wings

It’s the weekend already! I know I say it a lot, but time is passing SO QUICK!!! In a sense, I can’t wait til Christmas because I actually get a week off uni…but then I have so much to do that it’s slightly stressful! But oh well, just gotta work hard!

In the meantime, let’s eat some chicken wings instead =)

We tend to eat chicken wings the same way so I thought I’d cook them differently for a change. So I made Korean-style spicy chicken wings! I split the number of wings into 2 portions and made some honey-soy-sesame ones too, since my Mum and Nan can’t take spicy food (sorry about the name of the wings, it’s just derived from the ingredients used! haha).

Spicy gochujang…it looks kind of the same as the honey-soy-sesame ones! haha

They were yummy =) Most importantly, Mum and my Nan actually liked the honey-soy-sesame ones, and my brother actually liked the gochujang-based spicy ones! Success! Now we have a new dish to add to repertoire =) haha. Next time I think I might just use the drumlettes because after frying these wings, the skin started to go soggy =( I was hoping for some crunch under the sauce…of course, that could also be because we were waiting for my mum to come home before devouring these…haha.

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend, everyone!!


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