[Eating out]: Kimchee House – Northbridge

 Kimchee House – Northbridge, Perth.

I had the chance to meet up with CT for dinner again! It’s always so good to catch up with her, especially since it’s been a while since our last catch-up. AND she’s going back to Singapore for 3 months soon! So it’s lucky we were able to find some time before she leaves!

This time we went to Kimchee House in Northbridge. This used to be my go-to Korean restaurant in Perth, but unfortunately the standards have seriously dropped. The quality of the food just isn’t the same. Nevertheless, we still had a great time chatting.

CT’s dolsot bibimbap.

CT ordered Dolsot Bibimbap and I ordered a spicy beef soup.

My spicy beef soup. It was still bubbling from the heat!

It was great to catch-up with CT! She refused to let me pay because it was for my birthday ><!! Thanks for dinner, CT. It's always great to have a chat with you! But next time I'm paying =P haha.

Kimchee House
66 Roe St,
(08) 9227 7800

Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a great weekend, everyone!!


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