[CC bakes]: tied up in a knot!

Hi. My name is CC and I’m a bread-a-holic.

I LOVE to eat bread…there’s just something about it that makes my tastebuds all tingly. Just like all sorts of Chinese bao I guess.

Anyway, there’s this Swiss patisserie that I absolutely love (the same one where my birthday cake came from this year), and they have pretzel bread which is oh-so-good! They’re perfectly chewy yet fluffy. My whole family loves eating this type of bread but the thing is, we don’t always have time to go to that patisserie to buy this bread, and maybe that’s not such a bad thing because the bread is quite pricey.

When I found a few recipes for making soft pretzel bread, I practically rejoiced. When I realised that I had all the ingredients at home, I rejoiced again.

So behold! My soft pretzel bread!

My ‘pretzel’ bread…they look so demented! haha.

Yes, my pretzel-shaping skills are in need of serious practice but looks aside, they tasted great (recipe here)! I left them to prove for a little longer because I wanted them to be fluffier (also because I went to the markets and that took longer than expected..hehehe). I made them all salted, except one which was almond, cinnamon and sugar for my mum.

Everyone liked these – Dad particularly liked it as it was nice and chewy.

Will definitely bake these again!

Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a lovely weekend, everyone!


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