[CC cooks]: Happy birthday to me

As I’ve previously mentioned, we have a family tradition for birthdays. From the time we turn 18, we treat the family to dinner. Since I enjoy cooking so much, I tend to cook dinner for my family instead of going out for dinner…I go buy most of the ingredients (or my Dad if he’s passing by Northbridge), and I cook (with the help of my Dad, of course!). It’s so nice to see everyone enjoying eating the food I prepare for them =)

I usually cook up a feast of about 8 dishes including soup, incorporating a favourite dish of everyone’s or I get them to choose one dish each. Unfortunately, this year I was so busy preparing for an interview that coincided with my birthday this Monday that I just had no time to buy and prepare food for dinner =(

I still cooked of course! But instead of cooking a feast, I made noodles…as in handmade noodles from scratch. It was the first time I’ve made cut noodles myself and it was so fun! I prepared the dough in the morning before going to uni, then came home a bit earlier to prepare dinner. Silly me forgot to take a photo of the noodles before cooking them though! To go with the noodles, I cooked a traditional soup from our hometown with pork, prawn, black fungus, mushroom, runner beans and egg. I absolutely love this soup! 

(L-R): Soup, my bowl of noodles in soup, jellyfish ‘platter’, chocolate mousse.

I also made a cold jellyfish dish with sesame-chilli dressing. I deep-fried some spring roll wrappers so that we have some different texture with the jellyfish. Dessert was home-made dark chocolate mousse with salted peanut brittle. 

How yummy does this look?? Layers of sponge with strawberry jam, strawberries, and cream.
My brothers bought a cake for me too, from my favourite pastry store – Jean-Claude Patisserie in Subiaco. Their tarts and breads are fantastic but we’ve never had an actual cake from them before. This cake was delicious! It wasn’t too sweet, and the ingredients were fresh! So yummy! It’s definitely a cake I would buy again!
It turns out that my boyfriend JS who’s working in Singapore organised the whole cake thing with my brothers! It was a huge surprise when I found out because none of them mentioned anything. JS also happened to knew exactly what presents I got too…before I showed him…!?! So sneaky! haha. 
I really enjoyed the night and hopefully my family still enjoyed this simple dinner. I felt a bit bad because I usually cook so much more for them, but the interview was stressing me out too much. 
Thank you to my family and JS for making this night so enjoyable.

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