[Eating out]: Rockpool Bar & Grill – Burswood

I went to Rockpool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was so exciting! My boyfriend JS insisted we try it since we’ve always been talking about going how we wanted to see what the hype was all about.

I love the atmosphere at Rockpool…it’s a nice, cosy and warm atmosphere where you can have a nice quiet dinner with your loved ones. The only downside is that it’s slightly too dark? Each table has an overhead light, but that shines in the centre of the table, so you can’t actually see your own dish too well.

I’m sure most of you have read other reviews of this place so I won’t talk about it too much. Overall, it was a lovely night with JS, though I’m not running back there anytime soon. The food was nice – we both thoroughly enjoyed our meals (JS especially liked the complimentary sourdough bread and butter…haha!), and were completely stuffed by the end of the night. 

So what did we eat? How about we let the pictures do the talking, yeah?


 Four raw tastes of the sea.


 JS: Cape Grim Dry Aged 36 Month-old Grass Fed Sirloin on the Bone (400g). That’s hot english mustard on the side. It also comes with a boat of bernaise sauce.

Look at the pink! Cooked medium-rare.

Me: Redgate Farm Partridge with red onion agridulce, beetroot, apples and walnuts. SO GOOD!
Charcoal roasted fennel and red onions with marjoram


Hazelnut macaron with banana parfait. LOVED THIS! I never knew banana & hazelnut would taste so good together!
I was actually slightly disappointed with the steak- it was tougher than I expected but it still had good flavour. JS said it took him a couple of bites to appreciate it but after that, he loved it. haha. But one thing that irks me is that they salt it before grilling…and it’s a bit too much for my liking, though that’s because I generally don’t salt my steaks.
Has any of you been to Rockpool Bar & Grill before? What did you eat? How do you rate it? 
Rockpool Bar & Grill Perth
Burswood Entertainment Complex
Great Eastern Highway
(08) 6252 1900
Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a great weekend, everyone!!!

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