[CC bakes]: ‘cornflake’ cookies

I baked some cornflake cookies over the weekend! My Nan had a BBQ to go to on Sunday so I baked some for her to bring, since she said there were going to be a few kids there.

Lining up ever so patiently…to be eaten! haha…

I used this recipe and made double the recipe so that there’s more for everyone to share. The only changes I made was the amount of sugar + oil. The first time I made these, the dough was extremely oily so I added less oil this time and I used Kellogs Crunchy Nut instead of plain cornflakes (it was the only cereal I had, and I really wanted to use it up! haha), so I cut down the amount of sugar too since Crunchy Nut is coated in honey anyway.

They smelt SO GOOD in the oven! And they are amazingly crunchy, even after a couple of days! =)

Thanks for reading!! ^^


2 thoughts on “[CC bakes]: ‘cornflake’ cookies

  1. Hi Nami,

    Thanks for your comment! These cookies are really great, especially if you have a box of cornflakes to use up like me..haha! I LOVE crunchy cookies too! I stood next to my brother when he ate one and could literally hear the 'crispness' when he bit into one. It's definitely worth a try if you and your kids like crunchy cookies!


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